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Power cruisers fabricated out of aluminum are strong and light in weight, compared to other hull materials. Builders who use aluminum should have knowledge about proper alloy selection, specialized welding (TIG or tungsten inert gas) techniques, and how to isolate the hull from dissimilar metals which may cause corrosion.

Clever Craft: Coastal Craft Combines Taste, Technology

It’s a secret I’ve tried to keep from my editors, albeit unsuccessfully: I revel in the opportunity to visit boatbuilders and their shops, and I especially enjoy the process when it involves those who employ unique materials, processes, or skills. Thus, when the opportunity arose to…

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A Bare Boat

Here’s a shining idea. How about building that ideal, near perfect, long range or coastal cruising motorboat out of aluminum? Bare-naked aluminum. It would be the ultimate low-maintenance boat. Aluminum does not rust like steel or leak and rot like wood. It does not absorb…

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Tuff Baby

When Dave and Margi Grow decided to make the switch from their Columbia 50 sailboat, Stampede, to a cruising powerboat, they decided to aim for a rugged and practical family cruiser. Sailing had always been a passion, and Stampede was the latest in a series of…

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Testing Her Mettle: Boat Review

A vexing problem in reviewing any new yacht is finding rough-and-tumbler seas to challenge its capabilities. Usually,my luck brings a demonstration run across flat water. There may be a few ripples. Rarely will we see a whitecap.The wind will not cause a quiver in the…

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Coastal Craft 420

I thought we were flying. The bottom of the boat was firmly and properly in contact with the sea, but as I swung the wheel a notch to starboard, she banked a couple of degrees and soared through the turn. We were going fast-just about…

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Awaiting Completion

On the industrial waterfront of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Alan Dawson and Burton Drody have begun building a 72-foot expedition-style yacht that that should be worth waiting for. If you want to buy her, waiting may be part of the game. They own and operate…

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