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Classic and Retro Boats

Classic and retro power cruising boats may either be older designs that have been retrofitted with modern propulsion, electrical, and other systems, or newer designs that are styled after classic boats.

Viking Landing in New York City

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A replica of the sort of ship that carried the first Europeans to America is currently sitting in the North Cove Marina in Manhattan, NYC.  A few blocks west of One World Trade and in the heart of Battery Park sits not a replica of…

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Chartering History: M/V Westward

Placard designating the MV Westward as a historic place, designated by the National Parks Service.

Cruising the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska is a passage that inspires many. Considered some of the best cruising in the world, the trip up “the inside” presents opportunities to travel along pristine and rugged coastline, visit isolated bays and fjords, and have up-close experiences…

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William Garden

William Garden, the naval architect and marine engineer, is a romantic, a traditionalist, a perfectionist. He’s a man who cherishes privacy and does not suffer fools. A skilled shipwright who learned to sail and build boats before he began designing them seven decades ago, Garden…

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A True Trawler Yacht

They came in swarms from builders in the United States and Asia in the early 1970s-the fiberglass boats called trawlers by builders and brokers who wanted to project an image of seaworthiness and strength. The truth is, most of them resembled trawlers only superficially. But…

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Pure Pleasure From A Working Boat

You know how a dog begins to whimper and wiggle as it nears home after a long car ride? I could identify with that as my husband, Charlie Brown, and I boarded a ferry from Tsawwassen, British Columbia, to Duke Point on Vancouver Island. Although…

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Older? Smaller? OK!

The photos of Helen Marie accompaying this article are by Richard During, a boating friend of the Lehmanns and a professional photographer. New boats are glamorous and catch everyone’s attention. Just check out any major boat show. I’m always ready to kick off my shoes…

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Love Those Classics

As the sun moves south, many of us begin to think about the on-rushing boat show season. Even if we’re not buying– -and the purpose of every boat show is sales– -there’s a lot to learn and a good time to be had just strolling…

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