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Custom cruising power boats are designed to meet the needs of experienced cruiser owners who have specific goals. They may have extra tankage, storage, or systems that help the owners live aboard independently for long periods of time, and also help them cover long distances or explore distant destinations where there are few or no marine services.

Belle Marie: The Skinny Water Queen


Get to know Belle Marie, a 42-footer that draws just 22 inches of water, from the hearts of her owners and the eyes of her designer. Uniquely designed to be the queen of the shallow waters.

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Pisces: One Man’s Long-Range, Working Class Hero


A masterful fusion of steel and aluminum, Pisces, the brain child of Dave Evens, is all business, authentic in every detail, and projects a confident presence that’s as honest as the grime on the rolled-up sleeves of a master shipwright.

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Completing The Dream

Attitude and resources are everything, as this creative and resiliant couple learned, while navigating the rocks and shoals of refitting their Marine Trader 47.

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One-Of-A-Kind: Ulysses

Most boating people dream of adventure, the fantasy of excitement and travel on the high seas. It is our nature, it is what makes us buy boats in the first place. We lust for the smell of the sea, the feel of a pitching ship…

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Royal Passagemaker 52

David and Linda Haywood eased their inflatable tender from a visitor’s dock in Friday Harbor-a task made trickier by the small forest of pilings supporting a large pier overhead-and turned out into the harbor where their 52-foot trawler, Shamal, lay at anchor. As a guest aboard,…

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Saving Lotus

I was tasked with pulling one of the historical treasures of the Northwest off the shore near Lower Port Hadlock, Washington. Lotus had been assaulted by gusty winds and broken anchorage, and had been shoved high onto the shore by 4-foot waves prior to sunrise…

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Making A Good Boat Better With A ‘Tubular Cockpit’

After flying at 8 miles a minute for most of my life, cruising at 8 miles an hour seemed like a great way to retire. For the last 30-something years, I’’ve owned boats, looked at boats, read boat magazines, and attended numerous seminars and classes…

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