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Fishing-Friendly Kayak from Hobie


The Ultimate Dinghy for Fishing/Cruisers When it comes to marine products, cruisers and sport fishers are often thought of as two different worlds. But a Venn diagram of these two water-loving groups has plenty of overlap. There are plenty of people who enjoy a little…

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The Granny Rail

Hold the presses! Among the many gadgets and gillhickies my husband, Dave, and I have added to our trawler, installing a “granny rail” on our dinghy was one of the simplest and most indispensable. I have two artificial knees, and never like to make a…

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Why A Kayak?

We of the “trawler community” see ourselves as modern day seafaring explorers. Zipping from marina to marina at 0.3 mile per gallon is not our style. No, an isolated anchorage is what we look for. After the ship is securely anchored, we take a look…

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Rehabbing An Inflatable

Inflatable boats come in all sorts of configurations and sizes. Some are light, easily transportable, and when deflated can be stowed in a space a fraction of their in-use volume. Others have rigid floors that trade that portability for better performance on the water. All…

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