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Full Displacement

Full displacement designs are known to move through the water, rather than on top of it, and are considered very seaworthy. Their deep and wide hull shape allows for large fuel and water tankage, large storage volume, and typically have large engine rooms in the center of the boat, as well as comfortable living areas. Single diesel engine models typically have an extended center keel, which can be cutaway aft to protect the rudder and prop, or a truncated keel to provide a certain amount of protection for those powered by twin diesel engines. Hull sections are rounded, making them prone to rolling in a seaway, so many owners opt for some kind of stabilization system.

A Fresh Look at the Enduring, Ever-Popular DeFever 49


If you thought that only automobiles could be cult objects, think again. It’s not just a 1965 Mustang or a ’66 ’Vette that sets the blood pounding, at least not for yachting enthusiasts. Chris Caswell takes a look back at one of Art DeFever’s best designs.

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Three @ Sea: By The Numbers

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Builder:                      Nordhavn Year:                           2006 LOA:                            43′ Beam:                         15′ Draft:                          5′ Cabins/Heads:        2 / 2 Displacement:         54,500 lb. Main Engine:          110hp Lugger Wing Engine:          60hp Yanmar Fuel Capacity:      …

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Web Extra: Born & Bred

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If you were to trace the lineage of the Nordhavn 63 as you do a race horse, it might go something like this: Sired by the 60, grandson to the 55, born to the 62, with dominant genes from the 46. Sigh. Launching this series…

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Krogen 55 Expedition

The first time I laid eyes on the Krogen 55 Expedition, in the Hutchinson Island Marina at this year’s Stuart Trawler Fest, I immediately wanted to board her and go to sea. From her high, full bow sections to her expedition-style pilothouse to her well-protected…

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Amante Ruggedly Handsome!

When you walk down the dock, this boat will make you stop and look. You can tell she’s special. The midnight blue hull with white deckhouse and stainless trim shine back at you with thoughts such as “striking,” “robust,” “powerful,” or to quote one of…

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Two-Of-A-Kind: Grand Banks 42

Buying a production boat is an agreeable proposition these days. The designs are proven, the performance options and alternative layouts fully developed, and the suitability of a particular model can be evaluated by simply talking to other owners, going to boat shows, or chartering the…

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The Nordhavn 50

Interested in going on that long distance cruise to Hawaii? How about seasonal cruising at 10 knots up to Maine for a summer vacation? Anyone up for a non-stop delivery from Corpus Christi to Key West? Or what about a liveaboard home that lets you…

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The Great Harbour

When you want something bad enough, chances are you’ll find a way to get it or make it happen. It’s that way with life, and it’s the same with boats. If you really want a particular boat, I mean really want a particular boat, other…

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Blue Jacket

Tom and Carol Olson had owned Bluejacket, a Dutch-built double-ended motor yacht, only a few hours when a nasty storm birthed by a far-away hurricane did its darnedest to sink her in Lake Erie. Huge, spike-like seas quickly formed, as unexpected early October winds pummeled the…

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Have It Your Way… The Grand Alaskans

Many of today’s cruising powerboats come from production yards, most of which offer more than one model in an attempt to satisfy various budgets and owner needs. The typically healthy lists of options for these boats provide potential buyers an assortment of choices, all ways…

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