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Restoration and Refit

Restoration and refit are two ways to modernize older cruising designs so that they have modern equipment advantages not available when those boats were originally built. A restoration typically mirrors the lines and layout of the original design, while incorporating more modern operating systems. A refit usually involves replacing the engines, operating systems, marine electronics, or even modifying the accomodations.

Arawak’s Restoration: an interior facelift


Over the past two years, Arawak, a 1996 Grand Banks Motoryacht, has been undergoing a complete overhaul and refit. She came into port a tired, weather-worn charter boat ready for some major TLC. Arawak’s appointments were outdated, her varnish was peeling, and the hatches were…

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Australia To Southeast Asia: Resources

If you’ve ever considered converting a workboat or fishboat to be your cruising powerboat, there are many options when it comes to working with yards and builders Down Under. Following is a list of resources, some projects the yards have worked on, and what we’ve…

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One-Of-A-Kind “MI-T-MO”

Okay, so you’ve done the yacht thing, you’ve had your brightwork, beautiful teak interiors, cramped engine rooms, dainty little staterooms for the two of you and your guests, and now you’re ready for a change. A different sort of cruising motorboat, one with character, one…

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The Softer Side Of Trawlering

Is your boat in need of an interior face-llift? Have you addressed all of the mechanical and safety conerns on your vessel, but neglecyed to also make your boat a comfortable cruising home? Taking the first step toward refurbishing a boat interior is often the…

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Our marina is one of the best.  It has wide concrete floats, dock storage boxes, 30-amp power, telephone and cable TV service at every slip, showers and laundries on shore, and excellent security. It is clean, neat, and everything works as it should. The staff…

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No Victory At Sea

It seemed like a good idea. Buy an older freighter in Europe and bring it to my home in St. Augustine, Florida. I could make a few deliveries, refit it as a liveaboard or charter yacht, or sell it. My boat-brokering experience led me to…

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Australia To Southeast Asia In A Converted Fishing Boat

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Six years ago, when we retired early and decided to become full-time cruisers, we faced a problem. Where would we find a boat that was seaworthy, comfortable, economical, and spacious enough to carry us offshore at a price we could afford? We needed a good…

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