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Steel is a hull material used by many long distance power and sail cruising designs that prize strength. Builders who use aluminum should have knowledge about proper alloy selection, specialized anti-corrosion techniques, and how to isolate the hull from dissimilar metals which may cause corrosion. Steel hulls can be repaired easily using universal techniques.

The Capehorn 58…A Field Of Ideas

Everyone who has ever owned a boat has heard that old adage. No, not the one about how a boat is a hole in the water that we fill with money…I mean the one that says all boats are a compromise. Comfort versus utility, performance…

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Spray 52/58

Most of the trawler yachts originating from our design office follow the current trends. One only has to look through any issue of PassageMaker to see how similar, at least in style, the trawlers are from various design offices, including our own. Here, we suggest…

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Cold Hard Steel

Heavy Metal, cold to the touch.  Everything under foot feels solid, secure. A dropped platter of hors d’oeuvres shatters on impact like a fragile glass ornament, yet there’s no worry about cracked gelcoat or dented teak. Resting arms on the gunwales of a steel ship,…

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Island Pilot in the Islands

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A New Boat In New England This story begins with a personality who is no stranger to our lifestyle and cruising community. Reuben Trane has been kicking around boats his entire life, and his experience developing new boat designs goes back decades. Reuben was behind…

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Dutch Treat

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We are obsessed. Hooked. My husband, Doug, and I bought a boat in the Netherlands in 2001, and we spend five months a year cruising the waterways of Europe. Our daughter asks, “Who are you people, and what have you done with my parents?” I…

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Crossing the English Channel


David and I rise early and listen to the 6:20 a.m. shipping forecast. The weather in northern Europe this summer is proving to be unpredictable, and we need to keep a keener eye on it than usual. The forecast is marginal, but what we can…

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The Mighty Ducks

George Buehler believes we should be driving trollers, not trawlers, while exploring the waters of the world. Enjoying an easygoing life, Buehler designs boats that fit that bill in a studio hidden in the thick, dark woods of Whidbey Island, Washington, many miles from the…

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