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Trailerable Trawlers

Trailerable trawlers, unlike their larger and heavier bretheren, are small and light enough to be loaded onto trailers and hauled to distant ports. This cuts down the time required to reach a destination in the water using onboard engines, saves wear and tear on the engines, and can hold down overall costs of ownership and use. A proper trailer and tow vehicle are mandatory.

The Camano Trail

In almost any discussion of the affordable Camano pocket trawler one of the first questions is: How do you pronounce it? In Canada, where the boat is built, and in the Eastern U.S., people tend to say kuh-MAHN-noh. In the Pacific Northwest, where Camano Island…

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Building Ho Hum

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Rich Hanenburg began building the boat in the garage attached to his home in Puyallup, Washington, in November 1998. Using patterns supplied by the designer, he cut and assembled the wood frames for a 28-foot tug yacht. In February 1999, he and his wife, Jackie,…

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When Less Is More

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With Smaller Trawlers, Good Cruising Is In Your Pocket The waters of the world have been turbulent lately, to put it mildly. Into this sea of uncertainty cruises a fleet of smaller, more affordable trawlers. Although the concept of compact trawlers is not new, this…

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