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Tugs are the ultimate working boats, usually powered by single or twin diesels. Some working tugs have been converted to cruising yachts. Some cruising designs resemble tugs, with or without the original hull designs that were intended for commercial use.

Adventure Ready: The New Ranger Tug 27

Ranger Tug 27

Looking down from the copilot’s seat of the Kenmore Air Turbine Single Otter, I watched in wonder as our plane’s silver floats broke loose from the waters of Departure Bay, fascinated as we climbed and banked out the entrance, where a large passenger ferry approached…

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Adventure Ready: New Ranger Tug 27

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 The New Ranger Tug 27 Has The Amenities And Performance You Want For Comfortable Coastal Cruising Looking down from the copilot’s seat of the Kenmore Air Turbine Single Otter, I watched in wonder as our plane’s silver floats broke loose from the waters of Departure…

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Web Extra: News & Notes (April 2011 Issue)

News & Notes Web Extra CEA TO REPRESENT RACOR WATERMAKERS CEA Industrial Supply of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been selected by the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. to represent Racor’s Village Marine Tec line of reverse-osmosis watermakers and related parts and accessories. CEA…

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Heart Tugging

Tugboats are contagious. I know. From my ground floor office in a house on Fidalgo Island, Washington, I spend too much time watching tugboats at work. Often they escort oil tankers moving up Washington’s Rosario Strait to refineries to the north. Not burdened with towing…

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The Growing Nordic Family

NORDIC TUGS CALLS THEM NEW BOATS. THE 32+ AND the convertible 37. From the dock, they look the same. The classic tug-yacht design first introduced by Seattle naval architect Lynn Senour more than 20 years ago hasn’t been altered. The tug-like pilothouse is unchanged and…

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American Tug

Generously, the company representative handed me the wheel of the new 34-foot American Tug, obviously not anticipating what would happen next. Adventurously, I jammed the throttle to the stop, listened to the 370hp Cummins engine spin up to maximum speed and cranked the wheel hard…

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Nordic Tugs 42 Flybridge

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What was Nordic Tugs up to, I wondered, when it plunked a flybridge atop its venerable 42-foot trawler? Trying to make a vintage sea queen look like a princess? Adding some pizzazz to its much-loved but quarter-century-old styling? It didn’t take long to discover that…

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American Tug 49: Innovative, Sophisticated, Luxurious


Amtrak’s Cascade train hadn’t been stopped for more than 30 seconds before Jim Stines rang me on the cell phone. “Where are you?” he asked. “Just across the street,” I said as I dragged my camera bag over the tracks along the Edmonds, Washington, waterfront….

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Nordic Tug 26 Makes A Comeback

The baby is back. And, yes, she’s almost small enough to carry away in your arms. After being absent from the boating market since 1997, there’s a “new” 26-foot Nordic Tug ready for boaters seeking quality, efficiency, and a price that doesn’t take your breath…

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