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Wood cruising boats may be of various construction techniques, from traditional plank-on-frame to the more modern cold-molded and stitch-and-glue techniques. Wood is warm to the sight and touch, and usually requires more maintenance and upkeep unless it is paired with modern epoxy-based finishes.

Cruising With Papa


Ernest Hemingway’s boat was renown as a platform for the author’s fishing exploits, but she was in fact a “cabin cruiser” and a very capable one, with features that would be valued by the power cruisers of today. Pilar was her name, and she is…

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Found In Sweden GB42 Hull No. 1

Not long ago, while writing about the launching of the 1,500TH 42- foot Grand Banks, I wondered in print about the whereabouts of the first GB42-a woody built in 1965-and expressed hope that she still was in great shape and keeping people happy. It turns…

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Old Woodies Rule

An untold story in the cruising world is the value that can be found in some older boats selling for modest prices.Well-built decades ago, boats priced at less than $150,000 today have the potential to be cruising for decades more as long as they continue…

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Classic Wood Yachts

The easy way into the first showing of classic trawler yachts on Seattle’s Lake Union simply was to walk in. That’s the way most visitors came. I took a different route by helping deliver a 65-foot Romsdal North Sea trawler from its home port in…

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Requiem For The Rowboat

You’ve seen the image in galleries and in fancy maritime calendars. It’s an idyllic photo or painting depicting a dinghy dock somewhere in New England boasting so many pretty, sharp-prowed little boats that you can’t see the water on which they’re floating. These classic wood…

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What ‘Seams’ To Be The Problem Here?

The submersible pump was definitely submerged. The 50-foot hose, hanging over the bow, was spewing water like a firehose. Looking down on me, a local “expert” was saying, “She’ll never take up. Might as well haul her out again and re-cork her.” Yikes! Our wood…

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