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Cruising Destinations

A collection of articles covering power cruising destinations. We acknowledge that there are vast differences in the intended power cruising and voyaging plans of our readers and owners. A number of people plan to do the Great Loop, an extended cruise on inland U.S. rivers and canals, as well as the protected waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, that allows a circumnavigation of the eastern half of our country. Some dream of ocean passages to distant lands or island paradises, or of barging through the European canal and river systems. Others are interested in voyaging in the Western Hemisphere, up the British Columbia coast to Alaska, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas and Caribbean, north to the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland, or down south to Mexico and the coasts of Central and South America. Passagemaking takes many forms, and we address them all.

Channels #ViewFinder by Curt Rayner

We love seeing what our readers our up to and the wonderful photos you take. If you have any photos you’d like to see featured in the magazine, please email them to us! We may feature your photos either in a Channels newsletter or in a future issue…

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Cruising With The Chilbergs: Things The Go Bump On The ICW (BLOG)


“The road forks. One path leads to further entanglement, reactivity, and thickening of the fog of confusion, the other toward the refinement of awareness and the unfolding of compassionate wisdom. The choice is ours in every moment.” —Tara Bennett-Goleman As we left the crystal clear…

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