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Pristine and tranquil, the Bahamas is a tropical hot spot for many cruisers, providing the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, swim with dolphins, snorkel, explore, and, of course, cruise the turquoise waters. Here you will find archived stories of cruisers' experiences in the Bahamas.

Radio Games At George Town: Acting Badly In Paradise

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One of the aspects of George Town life is the constant and useless radio chatter, with former accountants, stock brokers, office managers, and homemakers all speaking quite officially to one another like so many fighter pilots, constantly roger-ing this, that, and the other thing.

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Island of Possibilities

A morning exercise as the sun rises on Cape Eleuthera.

A UNIQUE PLACE In our search for new and interesting places to explore during a Bahamian cruise, we were lucky to find The Island School. It is a unique destination—something you won’t find anywhere else in the world nested on the southwestern shores of Eleuthera,…

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Lure Of The Bahamas

“The Elephants are marching!” reported my husband, Denis, after he reconnoitered the situation from a third floor vantage point at Fort Lauderdale Beach. This condition, specifically the giant square waves, meant we stayed in port another day. A prudent sailor waits and watches for a…

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Novel Idea

The anchor offered little resistance that night as I gathered in the line and hoisted it topside. Around us there was a hush found only at a sleepy anchorage after midnight. My husband had already snapped on the running lights, turned the ignition key and…

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The Magic of the Bahamas Pokie Run

Friends. It gave me goose bumps to see the view stretched out behind Growler ‘s transom. There were trawlers of all shapes and sizes in single file, traveling at 7 knots while closely spaced behind each other. Many of us had a similar thought that…

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