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Caribbean and Central America

From Jamaica to Barbados, the Caribbean islands are frequented by many a cruiser. Here you will find personal accounts and stories of those who have cruised, explored, and experienced the Caribbean in all its beauty.



Starting in January, The Moorings will begin offering powercat charters in Puerto Rico’s spectacular—and lesser known compared to some of her neighbors—Spanish Virgin Islands. The SVIs should be particularly appealing to U.S. residents, as Puerto Rico can be easily reached via direct-hop flights from many…

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Underwater World: maximize your cruises by learning to dive

Bonaire Box Jellyfish

My wife, Barbara, and I were divers before we became trawler owners. We learned to dive after listening to friends talk about their fascination with the underwater world. In the beginning, I was reluctant–I had previously discovered on my first attempt at snorkeling that I…

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Southbound: Four Stops That Put the Odd in Odyssey


For a first-time cruiser heading down island, the route from the Florida shores to the Dominican Republic represents a thousand nautical miles of challenges, opportunities and grand adventure. As you follow coastal waterways to the Keys, transit the Bahamas and finally press on to Latin…

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Destination: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Just 40 miles south of St. Thomas and St. John, there’s a cruiser’s paradise waiting to be discovered—again. In salt water so clear you’d swear it wasn’t there as you looked down through it, I hovered, horizontal and almost motionless, over a massive brain coral…

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Cruising Cuba—An Emergency Repair In Cuba

PUERTO VITA RESPONDS TO AN EMERGENCY Below is an excerpt of correspondence from Canadian cruiser Georges Nydam, who visited Cuba two years ago on his Jouet 1040, a 34-foot French motorsailer. Besides charts, Nydam used Cuba: A Cruising Guide by Nigel Calder as a primary…

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It All Started With A Shipwreck


Bermuda:  Destination Cruising Off The Beaten Track Web Extra For all its ties with Britain, Bermuda’s history is inextricably linked with that of the United States. You see, Bermuda wouldn’t exist at all but for the New World settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. Established in 1607…

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The Abacos Heritage


The Abacos heritage dates back 1776 when following the American Revolution, 600 Loyalists founded Carleton, the first settlement located near what is now Treasure Cay Resort. The Abacos have seen a number of promising industries come and go. Though the early economic boom of cotton…

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