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Intracoastal Waterway

Our many, many accounts of cruising the Intracoastal Waterway may be found here. Affectionately known as “The Ditch,” the ICW is a highway for north and southbound East Coast cruisers, and an east-west path along the rim of the Gulf of Mexico. As such it touches most of the Old Confederacy and many historic sites dating from before the Civil War. Snowbird cruisers say they like to follow the ICW in such a way that the temperatures are always comfortable.

Frugal ICW: Not So Dismal After All

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The Dismal Swamp Canal: Frugal’s fine, but “free” is our favorite four-letter word. This month let’s cruise the Dismal Swamp Canal, along what easily can be a free-dock-every-night route from Norfolk to Albemarle Sound.

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‘Ditch’ Dining At Its Best: More

CD Café Solomons, Maryland (okay, a little off the ICW, but what the heck!) 410.326.3877 From Joe and Punk (Kathy) Pica, Carolyn Ann, Great Harbour N37 (At the moment in St. Petersburg, Florida) CD Café is a quality food experience conveniently accessible by a short…

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Running The Ditch

To some boaters, the intracoastal waterway, or ICW as it is often called, may seem like a rather difficult place to cruise. They may have even heard of it referred to as “the Ditch,” which naturally brings to mind something not easily navigated. The truth…

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Driving The Ditch

At the end of the Bahamas Pokie Run, we found ourselves on Growler in South Florida, 1,000 miles from home. We’d had a marvelous time in the Bahamas, but now reality hit that we had to get our new boat back up to Chesapeake Bay….

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Best Made Plans

When I married Dave, I also married his dream of cruising the ICW. He had grown up sailing on the Chesapeake with his grandparents. I had been on a few fishing trips but had absolutely no knowledge of boats or how they operate. I love…

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