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Pacific Rim, South Seas

The Pacific Rim, the least likely of cruising grounds, nonetheless attracts a handful of hardy power cruisers each year. This section is where you’ll find stories about Aleutian Island passages and destinations in Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. You’ll learn that despite the challenges of high-latitude voyaging and cultural barriers, the Pac Rim route does have the advantage of never taking you more than 500nm from land. The experienced mariners that have written these stories share tips on timing passages and voyage preparation that will provide indispensable lessons for anyone following in their wakes.

Tasmania: Gem of Australia

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Tasmania is one of the crown jewels of the Southern Ocean circuit and had been on our radar for quite some time as we approached the Australian leg of our round-the-world voyage aboard Egret. We departed Nelson, on New Zealand’s South Island, in December 2009,…

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Hookah Diving in the Southern Hemisphere

The waters surrounding the island of Tasmania, a state of Australia, are reasonably good for most types of fishing including, game, bottom fishing, and diving. If you are prepared to venture to the outlying islands in Bass Strait, the body of water that separates Tasmania…

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Thailand Extras


SIMPLE SYSTEMS, OUTSIDE LIVABILITY Our Thailand charter marked my third time piloting a Moorings 474 PC, and I have become fond of these catamarans for reasons obvious and not so obvious. Who wouldn’t like a boat that comfortably carries them around a lovely tropical destination? Not…

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Crocs And Rocks In The Kimberley

“Keep a close watch out for crocs,” advised my husband, Nick, as he left me to finish rinsing our laundry while he ferried a dinghy load of freshwater-filled jerry jugs out to Yawarra II, our 44-foot converted trawler. We’d seen seven crocodiles close by our boat earlier…

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A Wilderness Treat

Every spring and summer hundreds of pleasure boats move along the central British Columbia shoreline, their owners doggedly pursuing a dream of cruising delightful waterways in northern B.C. and Southeast Alaska. They become fixated on Cape Caution, an insignificant point of land that many dread…

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A Trip Up The Pacific Coast: Part 2

When planning a summer cruise in the Pacific Northwest, the target date to leave San Francisco is April 15, aiming for the window between late winter storms and early summer fog and wind. September and October, though, are the best travel months for the entire…

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A Trip Up The Pacific Coast: Part 1

For many who cruise the West Coast, the lure of sun and tranquility in Mexico and points south is very compelling. Others, including me, are drawn to the Pacific Northwest and the overwhelming beauty of Puget Sound, the San Juan and Gulf Islands, British Columbia, and Southeast Alaska.

But in between lies another appealing cruising ground—the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington. Heading north up this 1,300nm route can be challenging; you are nose to the weather all the way, and the dynamics of sea and weather conditions increase with latitude.

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