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South America

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are tops on most cruising destination lists because of their romantic allure and the fact that they are fun to visit. These are places of lush mountains, sugar sand beaches, and palm trees. Trade winds blow briskly from the east all year long. Distances between each island are small, often in marked contrast to the cultural differences.

Into The Amazon: Exploring The River Sea


In 2013 my first mate, Louise, and I took our 50-year-old, teak-hulled motoryacht 1,200 miles up the Amazon River. What started out as a quick peek at the world’s largest river turned into an amazing seven-month journey. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime.

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Power Cat Leaps Across The Atlantic

Power Cat Leaps Across Atlantic

Pulling around the southern tip of Monte da Guia on the island of Faial in the Azores, it was hard to comprehend that we had just completed the most difficult part of our transatlantic crossing. Having left Jensen Beach, Florida, almost a month before, we…

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40-Foot Trawler Braves Cape Horn

“YOU CAME DOWN HERE IN THAT? “ Helen and I looked at each other with that “do they know something we don’t?” look, quickly followed by the “maybe we shouldn’t be doing this…” look. But it was too late. We already had arrived in Ushuaia,…

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Building Steel Dreams In The Land Of The Trees

Row 17, seat C is about halfway back, seemingly ancient Boeing 727 that is American Airlines Flight 923, now boarding for a flight from Miami International to Guatemala City. As I settle into my seat for the trip to Central America, I see it will…

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The Logistics And Planning Of A Global Adventure


Take a yacht around the world? Sounds like a great idea. But my wife, Helene, has balance troubles due to an inner ear nerve problem, so for us, a heeling sailboat wouldn’t do. The alternative-circumnavigating the globe on a motoryacht-sounded pretty straightforward, but what about…

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Doing Boat Projects in Exotic Places

When they say, “Cruising is doing boat projects in exotic places,” I know they are talking about us, and most cruisers who venture outside the United States. Since 2004 we have traveled more than 30,000 miles through Canada, Alaska, Latin America, and the Caribbean on…

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