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Southern California

With the mighty Pacific swell and relatively few ports or destinations, Southern California boats spend much of their time massed at urban marinas in places such as San Diego, Long Beach and Dana Point. Catalina Island is for weekends with Mexico and the South Seas the eventual goal for the more adventurous.

A New Life For The USS Iowa

It’s hard to recall the number of times I have cruised past the battleship USS Iowa, sitting forlornly at anchor as part of the mothball fleet in Suisun Bay (northeast of San Francisco). Tied off on the end of a cargo ship lineup, it clearly stood…

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Viva Ensenada

Paific white-sided dolphins frolicked and fed all around the 12-foot rib carrying the two California dudes and me across the Bay of All Saints. There must have been a thousand of them-dolphins not saints-and they were so close Gary Johnson couldn’t help but reach into…

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The Sea Of Cortez


I’m floating facedown in 82-degree water, wearing swim trunks and snorkel gear, watching colorful fish I can’t name and wondering when the next curious sea lion pup will come nose-to-nose with this begoggled stranger. From a distance, the water in which my friends and I…

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The Historic Sacramento River Delta

Springtime is primetime in the Sacramento River Delta. Winter rains have left the tree-lined sloughs a verdant green, the surrounding farmlands and pastures well nourished. High water has scoured the banks clean. Famous Delta Queen asparagus is already in the markets, and pears are beginning…

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