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Pets and Wildlife

Remember when you were just a kid at the zoo, gawking and staring in awe at the birds, reptiles, mammals that seemed three times bigger than you? Well, these cruisers have said their goodbyes to those zoo days. There's nothing better than experiencing Mother Nature, the great outdoors, and wildlife than aboard a vessel. Here you will find stories that touch upon the animals from your childhood and some you've never even heard of before.

Pets Aboard: Tug The Tugboat Captain


Meet Tug, the Portuguese Waterdog that cruiser aboard the Nordic Tug 34, Carefree. With a homeport of Red Hook, Massachusetts, Tug cruises with human counterpart, Kevin Steele.

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Pets Aboard: Pahokee Keeps a Sharp Lookout


Pahokee, who Roma and Peter Shaughnessy call their “little pupkin,” keeps a lookout during a summer cruise on the central coast of British Columbia. Since being introduced to boating just a few short years ago Pahokee has transformed from a reluctant passenger …

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Pets Aboard: Wolfie the Beast Guards Wolfie the Boat


Wolfie the schipperke stands watch on a Nordhavn 40, also named Wolfie, anchored at Cuddyhunk, Massachusetts. “Schipperkes are great boat dogs, warning of intruders and killers of vermin,” say Francie and Mike Bennett, Wolfie’s shipmates.

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Pets Aboard: She Came in Through the Galley Window


Star cruises with David and Cindy Wood on a 1970 Bristol Trawler 42 from Barnegat Light, New Jersey, named Northern Star. “Her favorite activity is to go outside of the cabin and come around to the galley window to get a treat. Just too adorable,”…

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