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Bluewater and Offshore Cruising

Passages beyond the sight of land—it seems like a frightening concept, but these stories by experienced mariners demonstrate that it need not be so. All it takes is a well found vessel and a crew willing to hone its seamanship skills, carefully plan and wait for weather. For those of you looking to delve into this area of cruising (or you’re already experienced and just want a good read), here you’ll find stories to educate and entertain you.

As You Wish

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Bruce Jones had some definite ideas about his next cruising boat, born of years as a boat owner blessed with the urge to explore. After a thorough search for the proper vessel and the right builder, he decided on the new Selene 66, the flagship…

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Strategies For Long Range Cruising With Twin Engines

Many of our trawlers and cruising motorboats are equipped with twin engines driving twin propellers. While the single versus twin discussion may continue, a large percentage of trawler yachts are twin engine/twin screw boats. And while many experienced people prefer a single engine for long…

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Crossing an Ocean Piggy-Back

Over the past forty-seven years my husband Bob and I have cruised sailboats to many different parts of the world. Never in our wildest dreams, however, had we envisioned buying a cruising motorboat, much less living in one that was carried through bluewater at fourteen…

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Have It Your Way… The Grand Alaskans

Many of today’s cruising powerboats come from production yards, most of which offer more than one model in an attempt to satisfy various budgets and owner needs. The typically healthy lists of options for these boats provide potential buyers an assortment of choices, all ways…

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Atlantic Anxiety

Crossing the north atlantic, even in the best of times, represented a risky undertaking that could result in serious problems, including the loss of our boat or even our lives. Sometimes we would lie awake at night and wonder: Are we really up to this risk? Can…

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Delivering Tarapunga

Those who say their boats don’t roll are liars…or they never leave the marina. Rolling is a fact of cruising life, especially on offshore passages. And when a boat measures 88 feet LOA, with a 20-foot beam and a draft of 6 feet, and has…

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Filtering Fuel… An Offshore Experience

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We’ve spent a lot of time recently talking about fuel and filtration, in the pages of PMM, at boat shows, and at Trawler Fest. It’s a topic that many of us find mysterious and perplexing. Ever-changing technology and emissions regulations compound the confusion, creating inconsistencies…

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Piggyback Yachting

Have you ever wished you could spend a little time cruising in new territory with new sights, new challenges, and new fun? What’s stopping you? If the daunting prospect of ocean runs is holding you back, there is another option. Yacht shipping services are available…

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