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Costs of Cruising

To cruise means you must be willing to spend—running gear, electronics, systems, food, water, safety equipment, and more are all mandatory expenses that are part of the cruising lifestyle. Find articles about how to manage the extra costs and how much others have spent for and on their boats.

Working With A Boatyard

Working with Boatyard

As a boat owner, you have the power to insist that boatyards do the right thing and you have the option of going elsewhere if they can’t or won’t live up to your expectations. I’ve worked in the marine industry for nearly 25 years, as…

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Sharing The Dream: The Benefits Of Co-Ownership


As my flight takes off from Baltimore on a beautiful, sunny July afternoon, I look down and see thousands of boats docked in marinas throughout the Chesapeake region and along the entire route to Ft. Lauderdale, my destination. There are rows upon rows of boat…

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Piggyback Yachting

Have you ever wished you could spend a little time cruising in new territory with new sights, new challenges, and new fun? What’s stopping you? If the daunting prospect of ocean runs is holding you back, there is another option. Yacht shipping services are available…

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Selecting The Right Boat

Matching The Trawler To The Dream As the trawler community has evolved and expanded over the past decade, the choices in boats have exploded beyond traditional boundaries. As a result, many prospective buyers struggle with the buying decision, finding it difficult to select the right…

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A “New” Boat

Here’s a story with a happy ending for an older boat and her owners. It’s also about a boating entrepreneur who found a market niche that fits him perfectly. For more than 40 years, Tollycraft Marine built boats in Kelso, Washington, a small community better…

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Simple Big Yacht…Is That An Oxymoron?

Many people feel that increasing the size of a trawler equates to increased complexity, greater expense, and a much higher level of maintenance. A smaller boat is always simpler, easier to manage, and a relative joy to maintain. But is that always true? And if…

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All Decked Out

THE TEAK DECKS ON OUR 1980 GRAND BANKS 42 were starting to look a bit shabby, as well as beginning to leak in the aft hatch area. The marina where we kept the boat, Rappahannock Yachts of Irvington, Virginia, had just finished removing the teak…

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There is No One Perfect Cruising Boat

My family has been living aboard and cruising full time since 1979, averaging several thousand miles each year. Our cruising and lives have been enriched by people (and their boats) we’ve gotten to know. It’s always great to see someone else join the community, and…

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