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Family Cruising

Family cruising takes on-the-water traveling to a whole new level—keeping in mind the accommodations necessary for kids, the family cruising lifestyle demands more time, more space, and more spending, but in these articles, you’ll find the adventure far outweighs the challenges.

Trawler Fest-Anacortes Begets Childrens Book

Mary 8.5x8.5 Front Cover

As this year’s Trawler Fest-Anacortes draws near, here’s news about a special outcome from last year’s event. A friendship and working relationship began between me and another passagemaker owner, Penny Talbot, of British Columbia.

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Three@Sea: A Family’s Voyage Of Discovery


Pure and simple, education drives this unusual voyage. It really started in 1996, the year Ayla was born to Kathryn and David Besemer of Boulder, Colorado. As excited and proud as all new parents, they immediately began to plan for her education. Envisioning an opportunity…

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An Interior Decorating Experience

 When we purchased our 2000 Mainship 43, my husband, Dave, looked at it as a boat. He was interested in things like the motor configuration, access to the engine room, the generator, blah, blah, blah…. After losing our home in a fire, I viewed the…

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The Story Of Greenhorn I

From A Dream To A Plan I had never been what I would describe as a boater, but boats had always held a fascination for me. Over the years I’ve collected many good memories that were somehow boat related. As a young boy, some of…

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Nautical Antiques Searchlight

I have spent time, lots of time, browsing in second-hand marine stores. Minney’s Yacht Surplus in Costa Mesa, California is a big second-hand store on the West Coast. Seattle has Dunato’s Second Wave, a new and used supplies store, where I have sold some equipment…

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Feng Shui Your Boat

“Grace, you’re not going to believe what just happened to me! Call me.” This is a message I receive frequently in my feng shui (pronounced fung shway) practice. You can tell feng shui is working in your life when amazing coincidences show up out of…

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Spooky Boat

I’ve been aboard beautiful boats, and ugly ones. I’ve toured luxury yachts costing millions and steampowered tugs. Sailboats, fishing boats, passagemakers and paddleboats have been part of my beat. But I’ve never been aboard a haunted boat. Until now. Ghosts and other supernatural spirits have…

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Fish Creek Rules

Sharing The Joys Of An Unsalted Paradise  Most of us who cruise long range enjoy that instant bond we feel when connecting with voyagers along the way. Different backgrounds, different professions, and different personalities- —they all melt together in the common love of big-water adventure….

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Family Matters: Meet The Parrents

They met on a western Michigan highway. He passed her; she passed him. They got off at the same exit. The freeway flirtation led to their first date. “We still have the piece of paper with my phone number written down,” says Danielle Parrent. “Our…

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