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Live Aboard

Letting go of everything you own on land to be free on the water is a dream come true for many. Here, you will find stories of the lives and experiences of liveaboards who have done just that and more as they live--you guessed it--on the water.

Liveaboard Hell: A Trawler Murder Story

Burning Trawler

Generally, living aboard is a happy and healthy lifestyle, but anyone who has spent time on the waterways can recall the exceptions, though they rarely, if ever have risen to this level of horror. You can view the story of David Trauger and Karen Barnes…

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The Pardey Line: Life Aboard Briney Bug


“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.” —Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854 Had Thoreau been a mariner instead of a naturalist, and had he built a boat instead of a cabin, it would not…

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A Month At Sea: Before You Go

 A NEOPHYTE’S GUIDE TO CRUISING UNDER POWER The surest way to find out if the trawler lifestyle may be a fit for you, your spouse, and/or your family is to try it. But you don’t have to wait until boarding your vessel to begin your…

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I Want To Be A Noted Yachtsman

I want to be a noted yachtsman! I recently read the obituary of a prominent person and one of the merits listed was that he was a noted yachtsman. That night, I told my wife, Barbara, when I died I wanted the epitaph, College Professor…

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Creating A Liveaboard

When Bob Calves decided to move aboard a boat for full-time living, he had a pretty good idea of what kind of vessel would fit his year ’round living needs. An experienced boater for many years, Bob had already lived aboard a sailboat or two,…

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That Sinking Feeling

I had worked the night shift on the psychiatric unit at George Washington University Hospital. This wasn’t my usual shift, but that’s the way nursing is sometimes. It had been a busy night, and I’ll let you guess what a busy night is like on an…

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It’s Not A Crazy Idea … But Commitment Required

Thinking about moving aboard a boat? Selling the house and all that stuff? Worried about whether it will work and about what kind of boat-and how big-is needed? It takes a huge commitment to a new way of living. An ability to plan, to establish…

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Getting Ready For The Big Blow

Storm 016-p17udsb6i5oe01g4o1fgr12bs1j1b

I’ve had my share of storms since I got my first boat 53 years ago. I’ve looked up into the maw of a tornado while at anchor. I’ve ridden out hurricanes and tropical storms at anchor, at dock, and on a mooring. I clung for…

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