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Women-Only Cruising

Will the women in the room please stand up? Let it be known that women play an important role in the cruising lifestyle, whether she’s a galley gal or enjoys getting her hands a little dirty on the technical, gear, and electronics side of things, you can find articles that are geared toward and written for (and by) women on the water!

Move Over—There’s A New Captain On Board

Women-Only Boat Handling

“This is the worst weather we’ve ever had for this,” Capt. Carol Cuddyer said at the beginning of our two-day Women-Only Boat Handling class at Trawler Fest University. So gale-force winds and sheeting rain are not common to picturesque Anacortes, Washington, in May? It was…

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Two Women On The Mighty Mississippi

Literature is full of tales of men conquering the Mississippi. Mine is not one of those stories. Mine is the story of two women who face down the legendary river. My story began two years ago when my husband and I made the decision to…

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