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Boat Building

Boat Building has been going on for centuries, starting with hollowed out logs and reeds banded together in rafts. Wood was the next popular building material, followed later with iron, steel, and aluminum. Today, most boats are made of fiberglass, which employs layers of fiberglass cloth bound together by a hardened resin compound. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each requires specific knowledge about material, engineering, and fabrication.

Designing the MJM 50z

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Designing on greatness: Modern construction, smart design, and practical engineering keep the new MJM 50z at the top of her game, and ready to make her owners very happy.

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A Design Challenge With Real-World Results

The Westlawn-PassageMaker competition was interesting from several perspectives, and it is clear that a similar design challenge could readily be applied to the other mission-statement goals we set for our cruising boats. I’ve already thought about future competitions that might focus on innovation and efficient…

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Sling Conditions: What To Look For

Sling Rating A boat hoist will be unable to lift its maximum capacity if the slings being used are not the ones rated for use with the machine to achieve maximum load capacity. Occasionally, marina owners will substitute alternative sling sets that may be sufficient…

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A Haulout Gone Bad

Mobile Boat Hoist Safety: What To Look For Regular Maintenance Program Boat hoists require a regular maintenance program to maintain their peak functionality. Inquire with the boatyard as to what type of regular maintenance program it performs. Engines, hydraulics, cooling systems, hoists, and tired all…

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Backyard Boat Building Resources

Duck Builders:  Diesel Duck Owner’s Dicuss The Home-Built Trawler Option Web Extra For more information on some of George Buehler’s designs and the people who build them, here are a few resources and links:            

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Building Jervis Bay

“You want a WHAT on our boat”? I asked my wife. “You heard me,” she said. I want a walk-in bathroom with a door just like at home.” “But dear, it’s only going to be 22 feet long and that has to accommodate two full-sized…

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Independence Cherubini 45

To be successful in the business of building boats, it is vital to have an integrated marriage of craftsmanship (the skill to create boats that offer value and satisfy customer demand), business management skill (to balance growth with conservative responsibility), and marketing prowess (to understand…

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A Lobster Boat Alternative

Four and a half years. Six days a week. Eight hours a day, everyday. All told, roughly eight thousand hours of personal commitment. It’s not for everyone, and those who lack perseverance need not apply. But what can you get from such an effort? For…

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