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Fuel Systems

Fuel systems include tanks, which may flank the engine, or stretch across the beam of the boat ahead of the engine, or both. Fuel lines may lead through manifolds that make it efficient to draw fuel from one or more tanks, and in the case of diesel engines, return unburned fuel to the proper tanks. Auxiliary bulkhead-mounted filters help keep water and foreign particles from reaching the primary fuel filter on the engine. Auxiliary fuel filtration devices, or fuel polishers, recirculate the fuel in tanks on a regular basis to minimize the chances of bad fuel reaching the engines.

Primary Fuel Filters

While this tandem filter arrangement looks great, its lack of heat shields and metallic drains means it fails to meet the fire resistance protocol established by ABYC.

In the world of marine fuel filtration there’s no shortage of opinions on the right, most reliable, and most effective set-up. There is one area, however, where opinions should not diverge, and that involves the fire resistance of the individual fuel-carrying components within the system…

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Finding Water In A Fuel Tank

Removing water from tank

I want to tell you about an experience that occurred last year that is both an interesting tale of system debugging as well as how a company can take charge when it is above and beyond its direct responsibility. And there is something to be…

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NMMA Update On Ethanol In Boats

As many of you may know, in the spring of 2009 Growth Energy, a pro-corn ethanol lobby group, petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow ethanol to comprise up to 15% (E15) of gasoline sold in the United States from the current level of…

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A Primer on Gasoline Power

THE FOUR STROKES Nearly all inboard gasoline engines, virtually all automotive engines (the old East German Trabant, a notable exception) and many outboard engines are of the 4-stroke variety. The strokes refer to up and down movement of the piston(s). In a 4-stroke engine, one…

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Can You Bleed?

A few years ago I received a somewhat frantic call from a client who was cruising (or not cruising as it turned out) aboard his trawler. Both his engines and generator had shut down simultaneously, he couldn’t get his anchor to set securely, and he…

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Fuel Filter Micron Ratings Explained

Not long ago I received the following note from a reader; it echoes questions I’ve been asked on this subject literally hundreds of times, and as such, bears sharing with as wide an audience as possible. The subject is both vitally important, yet frequently misunderstood….

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The Holy Place – Engine Room Maintenance Underway

We usually think of engine room maintenance as specific jobs performed while at the dock. Sometimes these tasks are accomplished by a local mechanic or the yard, but more often we perform them ourselves in our spare time. During a long passage, these jobs must…

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