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Navigation, along with piloting, is the science of safely moving a boat from one place to another. Safe navigation includes marine chart reading, course plotting, and position finding underway. It takes into account tides and currents, an understanding of the maritime Rules of the Road, and correct interpretation of weather data. Understanding the capabilities of a specific boat in a variety of wind and sea state conditions is a vital part of safe navigation and piloting.

Bathymetric Navigation: Line of Soundings Method


As contributor Robert Reeder continues his Seamanship columns on navigation in the absence of GPS, we will be producing videos to supplement to his column submissions. You’ll be able to find Robert’s original columns here, as well as the videos that accompany each article. The…

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Bye Bye Birdie #2: Bathymetric Navigation


You can find the video that accompanies this article here: Line of Sounding Method Even vessels with the most austere complement of navigation electronics will usually have a depth sounder. Rarely, however, do we recognize the full utility of this unassuming tool, especially for navigation…

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Bye, Bye Birdie #1: Raw Radar Navigation


Since 1991 when the Global Position System (GPS) first became operational, we have become ever more dependent on it for navigation. A quarter of a century later, boats and ships routinely set sail across oceans (or even across harbors) with no consideration given for how…

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NV Charts Puts Paper In Its Place


Personally I have no problem going electronic-only when transiting familiar waters or inland waterways. But I love maps and charts. In fact as I typed those six preceding words, I looked up lovingly at the map of the Caribbean basin above my desk.

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