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Paint and Bottom Maintenance

Paint is used on boats to protect its surfaces from wear and damage. Marine paint may be oil- or water-based, and is typically classified at topsides paint or bottom paint. Marine paints may be applied by owners or by boatyards, and they usually have specific instructions concerning surface preparation, application temperatures, and specific drying times. Bottom paints traditionally have included some form of copper additive to inhibit marine growth below the waterline, but these days, there are new biocides that work equally well. Bottom paints are formulated to wear away at specific rates, according to the speed of the cruiser and the waters where it is kept.

Antifouling Application Details

As I walk through boatyards, I routinely look at many details, everything from proper, and often not-so-proper, blocking and jack stand use, to the presence, or absence, of foot mats at the base of ladders. I also look closely at the bottoms of vessels to…

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Color As Different As The Boats Themselves

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This is one of those delicious stories that takes on life from many perspectives. It is my favorite type of project, appealing from many angles. It began last fall when a birthday put me on the backside of my 50s, and I acknowledged the need…

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Diving Your Bottom for Fun and Peace of Mind

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Having the ability and the gear to dive can save huge amounts of money, substantially increase your safety margin, and give you and your crew a dimension of pleasure that you may have never dreamed could exist with cruising. I’m not talking about deep diving….

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Do Paint And Aluminum Mix?

The next time one passes your way, take a close look at the U.S. Coast Guard’s heavy weather rescue vessel, the venerable 47-foot Motor Life Boat or MLB. Or, check out any of their other aluminum response craft including the very latest 45-foot Response Boat…

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