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Seamanship is the art and science of operating a boat. Seamanship encompasses navigation, radio communications, boat handling, watch-standing, anchoring, docking, engine and equipment maintenance, towing, weather forecasting, search-and-rescue techniques, and more. These skills are attained over time, but there are many books, videos, and courses available to acquaint you fully with the wide range of subjects.

Docklines: preparing for winter storms

small cleated line

For those of us whose boats winter over in the water, one thing we must always be prepared for is the arrival of winter storms.  From Hurricanes along the SE coast to the blustery squalls of the Pacific Northwest, the winter storm season is upon…

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Spring Fever: PassageMaker’s Recommissioning Checklist


Maybe you don’t live in a year-round cruising paradise like our many bloggers (See our collection on cruiser blog here), but sunny days are ahead and it’s time to prep your trawler for 2016’s cruising season. Recommissioning your boat in the spring can seem like…

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Tips For Electronic-less Weather Forecasting


We, and I speak for all skippers, have been lectured ad infinitum about how to prepare and what to do when the electronics go zap. But the one thing that seems to be overlooked is weather. When the black boxes literally go black, so does our connection with weather prediction.

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