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Systems on cruising boats vary according to its size and its mission. Most cruising boats have propulsion, fuel, ventilation, fire suppression, electrical, steering, and plumbing systems. Optionally, some are equipped with heating or air conditioning systems, stabilizers, and bow or stern thrusters. Some larger boats also have hydraulic systems that power equipment like bow or stern thrusters, anchor windlasses, cranes, stabilizers, or adjustable swim platforms.

Motor Mount Wisdom

Loose motor mount locking nuts are especially common. Avoid using star (shown above), or split lock washers, instead rely on self- locking nuts or cam-style washers.

Take a moment to think about what connects the thrust created by your vessel’s propeller to the vessel itself. Its very driving force. These small, simple components bear a heavy burden, so treat them right.

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Proper Windlass Selection and Installation Tips


When it comes to deck gear, electric and hydraulic anchor windlasses are considered critical and necessary by most cruisers. Most would choose to not get underway if their windlass isn’t working properly, and wisely so. Being able to set, and retrieve, ground tackle is one…

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Web Extra: The Air We Breath

Kadey-Krogen was happy to accommodate our dream of outfitting Equinox with a nitrox dive compressor. Bill Harris, our Kadey-Krogen salesman, contacted a number of compressor companies before we purchased the boat to ensure that such a system could be housed within the space constraints of…

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The Skinny On Coaxial Cables & Connectors

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The axiom “out of sight, out of mind” applies as much aboard boats as anywhere else, and it is especially relevant to marine electrical and electronic systems. Because flaws, faults, and defects are not readily apparent in these systems, they tend to go unnoticed. However,…

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Marine Refrigeration

The beer is warm. The spinach is unfrozen. The ice cream is soupy. Refrigerators, whether at home or at sea, seldom fail. But when their time has come, it’s time to go. We fell into the marine refrigeration market when we decided to dump the…

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Hydraulic Systems

If you’re like me, you probably find fascination in all aspects of boats, their systems, and everything related to them. Recently, I have been particularly intrigued by the notion of hydraulics and hydraulic power, for use aboard a trawler. Have you ever sat and watched…

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Going It Solo

Heritage:  Something passed down from generation to generation. It used to be common in boat building, as family-run boat yards built just a handful of boats each year. Today, corporations run many of the boat yards, and mainstream production boats share little with traditional hand-made…

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On The Road Again

The first thing that struck me when Growler arrived was the absence of holes on the foredeck. The builder had securely bolted a beefy Butler Marine platform on the bow, but he had not yet installed a chain pipe or hole through the deck down into the…

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Where Did the Summer Go?

The end of the season is upon us, miles and hours piled on the new boat we looked so forward to, yet somehow never quite got finished. Growler, our 28-foot custom lobster boat, remained a simple vessel during her first season, a result of my commitment…

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A Voluntary Survey

NORMALLY A MARINE SURVEY IS GREETED WITH DREAD, OR APPREHENSION AT THE LEAST. Something important–like a sale, a bank loan, or insurance coverage–always seems to depend on the outcome of a detailed examination of a boat and its systems. A bad survey may scuttle the…

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