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Reflections on Those Who Came Before Us (Blog)


At times, when I’m cruising Northwest waters and the weather is good and the boat is behaving, my random thoughts turn to the survivalists who once lived here, thoughts evoked by this decorated entry to “Big House” at Alert Bay.

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Bob Takes a Look at a Rare Nordic Tug Cricket (Blog)

tug profile

It happens to most experienced boaters eventually: they recognize it’s time to sell the big boat and hunker down at home.  But give up boating? Never, some swear. With this in mind for some reason I happened across a 26-foot Nordic Tug Cricket

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The First Boat Pays Your Dues Forward (Blog)


I’ve been asked many times about my introduction to boat ownership. Recently, in dumping old files into a recycling bin, I discovered the answer to that question. I found yellow flimsies, copies of a magazine feature I had written for the Seattle Times in 1975.

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