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Trawler People Like Taking It Easy (Blog)

Jen, Jamie and Barney Switzer on the Destiny

“Easy does it.” That’s a mantra most current and would-be trawler owners would do well to keep in mind. We asked a dozen owners what they saw as the elements of an ideal trawler. These were people with different boats and different cruising lifestyles,

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Demi-Downeast: Moments from My Porpoiseful Life


Transiting from Belfast to Rockland on a Cutwater 28 reminds the author of a curious encounter with a mischievous marine mammal. Peter Swanson reports in our blog series on the “Demi-Downeast Loop”–New York to Quebec City to Bangor and down the coast.

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Who Will Cruise After We’re Gone? (BLOG/VIDEO)


I watched an amateur movie posted recently on Vimeo — my latest lesson in new media — that got me thinking about the future of boating, particularly the trawler niche, which appears to be the one most vulnerable to a baby-boomer die-off.

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