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NOAA Releases Update To Their iOS App


With the release of Apple’s iOS 9 comes a revamped app from NOAA’s weather forecasting and severe weather alerts system. Radar Pro will now sync with these latest Apple updates, including Apple Watch direct-to-wrist alerts.

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FLIR Unveils Thermal Imaging for the Masses

I Phone Cover

FLIR night vision cameras have been on boats for years now, but the fixed-mount models are pricey, and the smallest handheld in the marine market costs about $2,000. And that’s what makes FLIR’s recent announcement so astonishing.

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New Feature: Ben Ellison’s Electronics Blog Has Arrived


We’ve got a new Blog feature for anyone interested in marine electronics. Senior Electronics Editor Ben Ellison not only contributes to our family of boating magazines, but he has a most excellent blog about electronics called Panbo. Panbo, by the way, has just turned 10…

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Sea Tow Adds Automated Radio Checks, Wants More


Sea Tow, which instituted a system for getting automated radio checks a few years ago,  says it now has 130 locations across the U.S. Automated Radio Check, which is provided by Sea Tow in association with MariTEL, lets boaters quickly and easily check that their…

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