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Key Components of a Successful Spring Commissioning Inspection

Inspect bilge pumps to ensure they are securely mounted, and hose and hose clamps are free of deterioration and corrosion.

After being dormant for the winter, spring commissioning affords boat owners an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with various systems, and carry out routine maintenance. While it’s desirable to inspect all of a vessel’s systems before she is taken out for her first spring cruise, key systems warrant the greatest attention.

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The Secrets of Quadrant II Boat Commissioning


If you are commissioning your own boat, it can be a challenge to prioritize your time. The late author and consultant Stephen Covey taught people how to manage their time by dividing the demands into four quadrants:

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What To Do If The Electronics On Your Boat Fail

The navigational technique mentioned in the text entails taking two bearings, one at 45 degrees relative, the other at 90 degrees relative.

What Next? Let’s say that, for some bizarre reason, your electronics suite fails, either entirely or partially. The tools and techniques you’ll need to keep on keepin’ on are arguably old-fashioned, but they’re also highly effective.

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Lessons Learned from Cruising with A Pet

The author pilots her tender with Sally perched on the pontoons.

I’ve wanted to write about Sally, our dog, for a while now and decided to add my own personal twist to the subject. However, I think that if you change a few words here and there, you’ll find the information translates into cruising in general. So, without further ado, here are some things we’ve learned along the way about cruising with a dog.

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State Title or Documented Vessel?

TL_Sailing copy

Every state wants to tax vessels which ply its waters for an extended period of time. Consequently, they require that vessels which fit within certain categories must be registered with the state. What this really means is that the king wants his money in the form of taxes. In addition to being registered with the state a vessel may be “documented”.

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A Parker/Gibson Family Reunion in the Abacos

Our Bahama's family reunion included 16 guests ranging from 6 to 88 years old.

Our plan had been to host a fun filled week for the full range of ages from 6 to 88 who were part of our four-generation reunion. Beyond our goal of giving our guests a taste of the cruising life, was our hope of enticing at least one convert.

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Inside Job: Why Oil Analysis Can Help Save Your Engines

The keys to the city—a fluids analysis kit.

For many, the subject is at best of passing interest and at worst an arcane oddity. But many serious boaters consider it an interesting technology that can be a meaningful part of their maintenance regimen. If you fall into the first category, read on at your risk but please don’t snore.

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