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Debunking Five Common Diesel Engine Myths

Treat her right, she is all that moves you.

Most of what I’ve learned from my fellow boaters has been valuable, but every once in a while someone tries to pass off something that’s totally bogus. My particular area of expertise is engines, so I’m pretty sensitive about pontifications on that subject.

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The Hermit Of Cat Island


It is another hot and windy day on Exuma Sound. I’m low on food and water; bound for a little settlement that can provide neither. You may wonder why I would do such an odd thing, especially when the fishing has been so fruitless lately, but New Bight Settlement on Cat Island is a place like no other.

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The Daring Rescue of a Tsunami-Swept Yacht (VIDEO)

Golden Bay was first spotted from the air, adrift and trailing mooring lines. (Nozawa)

Treat your cruiser like its a part of the family? When the tsunami hit northeast Japan in 2011, a Bertram 57 named Golden Bay was washed out to sea. Here the story and watch the video of how the owner risked life and limb to rescue her.

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Fuel For Thought In The Abacos

Abaco Beach Resort is never a poor decision.

There is a lot to be said about cruising south to the Bahamas. Though many cruisers display loyalty to their professed favorites, don’t be afraid to stray from the path. Its about discovery after all.

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How To Install An Air Filter Silencer

First we removed both the factory-fit air filter and the crank-case breather hose.

On the hunt for a quieter ride, we install a new High Performance Air Filter Silencer from Walker Engineering and use our sound meter to check the results on Power & Motoryacht publisher Arnie Hammerman’s trailerable trawler.

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