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The ABCs of Understanding Hull Design


As part of my research for a story I was writing, I once asked a fellow marine writer, who was also a well-known naval architect, to explain the basics of hull design. His answer was short and pithy. “Hull design is like sex: Everyone knows the basics; it’s the details that separate the good efforts from the bad.”

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Theobald’s Close Call With A Container Ship (VIDEO)


Renown power-cruiser and documentarian, Sprague Theobald, recalls one of his early cruising adventures, a race from Annapolis to Bermuda aboard a Nicholson 32, and how it almost ended before its time. It may have taken place aboard a sail boat, but there are lessons for all cruisers in this tale of how one man’s (his) adventurous spirit almost got snuffed out early by a rogue container ship.

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Open Season: Boat-Buying Scams And Survival Tips


For those looking to join the cruising ranks, the winter season can be a great time for poaching a bargain trawler. But beware of putting yourself in crosshairs when it comes to boat buying. Here are some survival tips and red flags…

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The Building Blocks Of Electronics Installations

The flying bridge station on the Alden 44 shows the results of the refit.

Sometimes an electronics upgrade is in the cards before you even buy the boat. Maybe it’s not as obvious on your boat, until … you pay a visit to the pilothouse of your buddy’s boat, and come away with a condition that could be categorized as “screen envy.” Don’t go it alone: use the expertise and know-how of a trusted installer to refit your electronics the right way.

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Properly Handling A Man Overboard Emergency


Man Overboard! Those are two of the most panic inducing words you can ever hear on a boat. But, fear not (really, don’t panic)! Here are some essentials for dealing with a MOB emergency and making sure everyone makes it back to the docks in one piece.

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