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The ABCs of Understanding Hull Design


As part of my research for a story I was writing, I once asked a fellow marine writer, who was also a well-known naval architect, to explain the basics of hull design. His answer was short and pithy. “Hull design is like sex: Everyone knows the basics; it’s the details that separate the good efforts from the bad.”

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Theobald’s Close Call With A Container Ship (VIDEO)


Renown power-cruiser and documentarian, Sprague Theobald, recalls one of his early cruising adventures, a race from Annapolis to Bermuda aboard a Nicholson 32, and how it almost ended before its time. It may have taken place aboard a sail boat, but there are lessons for all cruisers in this tale of how one man’s (his) adventurous spirit almost got snuffed out early by a rogue container ship.

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Open Season: Boat-Buying Scams And Survival Tips


For those looking to join the cruising ranks, the winter season can be a great time for poaching a bargain trawler. But beware of putting yourself in crosshairs when it comes to boat buying. Here are some survival tips and red flags…

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