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Prop Frosting: How To Keep Your Propellers Clean

Envious inducing, aren't they? Read on and learn the ways, Padawan.

Prop Frosting? There are several methods for coating a propeller with anti-foulant in hopes of keeping them in tip-top shape. And, after a lifetime of trials (and maybe some error too), I’ve discovered a few options. Which one works best?

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Reality Check: The Truth About Navigating Paradise

And to think, they couldn't find El Dorado. Could the navigation aids be to blame?

As cruisers make their way through the beautiful green isles of the Bahamas they soon become accustomed to the altered reality that is island living. As perfect as it appears, it is not all roses and utopia; especially when it comes to navigation.

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Ball and Chain: Replacing Your Cruiser’s Tired Windlass

This old windlass has fought its battles and is ready for retirement.

Heave Ho! Windlass a little tired? Ground tackle is one of the most vital pieces of equipment on your cruiser. No matter how diligently you maintain things, everything has an expiration date. It may be time to toss the darn thing and install a vibrant new one.

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CHARTER SAVVY: My Big Fat Greek Charter


When Greece opened their waters to bareboat chartering, it was an irresistible opportunity to explore centuries of legends among the Saronic Gulf Islands that are close to Athens, yet a world apart. For our time machine, we chose a French, Jeanneau-built, 36-foot flybridge cruiser with two staterooms and twin Volvo Penta diesels.

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10 Suggestions For Charter Service Shopping


One of the signs of an improving economy around the water is an influx of yachts being placed into charter service. If you have ever thought of sharing your beloved cruiser, now might be the ideal time to look into doing so. Here are a few tips to consider when ‘shopping’ charter services.

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The Demi-Downeast Loop: The Boat and Voyage Planning


Circling Through History: For cruisers unable to commit the time for a Great Loop adventure, consider a Down East Loop. In the first installment of this series,learn how the trailerable Cutwater 28 makes a long voyage even easier—and start dreaming of your next trip.

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