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Open Season: Boat-Buying Scams And Survival Tips


For those looking to join the cruising ranks, the winter season can be a great time for poaching a bargain trawler. But beware of putting yourself in crosshairs when it comes to boat buying. Here are some survival tips and red flags…

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The Building Blocks Of Electronics Installations

The flying bridge station on the Alden 44 shows the results of the refit.

Sometimes an electronics upgrade is in the cards before you even buy the boat. Maybe it’s not as obvious on your boat, until … you pay a visit to the pilothouse of your buddy’s boat, and come away with a condition that could be categorized as “screen envy.” Don’t go it alone: use the expertise and know-how of a trusted installer to refit your electronics the right way.

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Properly Handling A Man Overboard Emergency


Man Overboard! Those are two of the most panic inducing words you can ever hear on a boat. But, fear not (really, don’t panic)! Here are some essentials for dealing with a MOB emergency and making sure everyone makes it back to the docks in one piece.

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Tips And Tricks For Docking Shorthanded


Boating, like flying, is all fun and games until you have to land. Cutting the lines and going for a cruise can be carefree, but those last few moments can make up for all the unwinding you just did. Here is some advice about avoiding the age-old crash landing.

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Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire (VIDEO)

polar bear 3

Few things are scarier and deadlier than a fire on a boat. Think that red tank in your Engine Room will protect you from fire? There is a chance it won’t. Surviving a boat fire is all about prevention, here is how to exit the smoke.

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A Superstorm Is Born: The Link From Sandy To Erie

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 3.32.20 PM

Two years ago, Superstorm Sandy made landfall south of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The combination of sustained 70 knots winds and storm surge exceeding 10 feet over a wide area was a catastrophe for the region’s marine community. Although New Jersey and New York bore the brunt of Sandy’s fury, storm-force winds and towering waves associated with the superstorm also had a significant impact upon boaters in the Great Lakes.

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Escape To Baja, One Of The World’s Cruising Gems

The Marina Costa Baja, near La Paz.

John Steinbeck once wrote about Baja, “The sky sucks up the land and disgorges it. A dream hangs over the whole region, a brooking kind of hallucination.” He was right, and the otherworldly terrain and thriving ecosystem of this peninsula can help to rekindle a cruising passion.

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Legends Of Fall: Power Cruising In New England


A fall cruise in the Northeast is a risky proposition. Any time you venture into these waters after October 1, you have to weigh the allure of solitude and breathtaking beauty against the possibility that the clear and warm of today will collapse into the clouds and chill of tomorrow. Most boaters just don’t bother and haul out as soon after Labor Day as practical. But for the hearty and daring, the gamble can be rewarding.

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Out of the Ashes: The Story of A Boat Fire


It was Memorial Day weekend of 2013, one of those cold, crummy days in Chicago. We weren’t going to do any boating that weekend, so we were driving up to our place in Michigan. I was in the car with my son when I received a phone call from Burnham Harbor, where we kept our boat. They said that there was a fire onboard. And my first thought was that can’t be my boat, and my second thought was maybe someone threw something up on the deck that was on fire, something minor. It had to be.

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