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A Quick Primer On Marine Oil Analysis

With the right tools, checking you fluids can be a cinch.

*+-Engine oil analysis can tell you a lot about the health of your boat’s motor. While a single sample may not give you the whole story, an OSA creates a “baseline” that helps you look at your engine’s health over time.

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Weathering The Bute Inlet In Search Of Beauty


*+-Bute Inlet, as you might imagine, is an inhospitable place. It has no marinas, no anchorages in the inlet itself, not even any shores. It’s just vertical walls rising thousands of feet above the water. But because of that isolation, it’s also breathtakingly beautiful.

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Properly Preparing For A Day At Sea

Don't be shy, go ahead and roll up those sleeves.

*+-It often seems that when ardent boaters sit around the cockpit talking about seamanship, the conversation inevitably transitions to the topic of harrowing feats. However, I maintain there are steps that we can take before we even leave the dock that reflect sound seamanship practices and which may help us avoid calling on our survival skills.

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Examining Your Marina’s Docking Contract

Read the fine print and avoid any surprises later on.

*+-Before boaters sign any dock contract, the national advocacy, services and safety organization Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has some tips for recreational boaters searching for a marina for their boat.

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Pop Quiz! Power & Propulsion Exam, With A Few Added Goodies


*+-Power plants are always moving forward (pardon the pun) and there is a seemingly endless supply of latest and greatest in the works; Here are a few things I spotted at the recent shows. I’m also slapping you readers with a little quiz, juuust to see if you all have been paying attention to my ramblings.

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