TrawlerFest Lake Park 2014

Date(s) - Feb 27th 2014 - Mar 1st 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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It’s More Than a Boat Show!

Trawler Fest is PassageMaker’s stand-alone series of boat shows, specifically designed for cruising enthusiasts. Strategically located in key cruising regions nationwide, Trawler Fests feature an impressive in-water selection of new and pre-owned cruising powerboats, first-class education and demonstrations, the latest in marine products & services, and opportunities to share cruising adventures with fellow cruisers.

Trawler Fest is more than a boat show; it’s where industry, education and community come together in a relaxed, rendezvous-type atmosphere. Trawler fest is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Show Dates:
Trawler Fest University …  Feb 25 – 26, 2014
Trawler Fest  …  Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2014

Lake Park Harbor Marina
105 Lake Shore Drive, Lake Park, FL 33403
Free parking

General Admission:
Advance tickets are available for $15click here
On-site tickets will be sold for $18

Registration is now open!

If you’re looking for the boat of your dreams, to connect with fellow cruisers, or are interested in expanding your nautical knowledge, Trawler Fest is the event you’re looking for. PassageMaker is excited to offer a new, more centralized location at Lake Park, FL for the upcoming Trawler Fest in February 2014.

Also new are our 1-day Destination Courses in Trawler Fest University, and several new, interactive Trawler Fest seminars such as, “Pets Aboard” and “Women’s Forum” (both by popular demand!).



Trawler Fest University courses (held two days prior to Trawler Fest) are designed to empower you with the skills you need to cruise safely and successfully. Choose either the 1-day Destination Courses or the 2-day Technical Courses which are fact-filled and hands-on.

Trawler Fest University Complete Course Schedule*
*subject to change without prior notice
TWO-DAY TECHNICAL COURSES ($450 per student)
Tuesday, February 25 and Wednesday, February 26, 2014
8:30am – 5:30pm
Topic: Diesel Workshop (Limit: 16 students) (SOLD OUT)
Presented by: Bob Smith
Bob Smith, developer of Lehman Ford diesel engines, will present this two-day, hands-on diesel engine course during Trawler Fest University. Bob will bring with him a complete engine and all the tools needed for the class. All of the components of the Lehman Ford engine that Bob uses for the course will be easily visible, allowing clear and understandable class demonstrations, regardless of whether or not you own a Lehman.On the first day of the course, Bob will introduce theory of the diesel engine, so that you become acquainted with the parts and how they function. On day two, you get your hands dirty; removing and reassembling parts, working with the injection pump, injectors and valve train, setting timing and adjusting valves while reviewing preventive and regular maintenance repairs and procedures. In the afternoon we’ll run the engine you have worked on to make adjustments and troubleshoot.
8:30am – 5:30pm
Topic: Essential Hands-on Technical Skills for Confident Cruising (SOLD OUT)
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio and Keith Ruse
Every cruiser should master a core set of onboard technical skills, including changing belts, raw-water pump impellers and fuel filters, as well as learning how to bleed air from a fuel system. Those of you who have attended Steve D’Antonio’s seminars and read his articles know he pounds this drum regularly. Even for the non-gearheads, a degree of self-reliance is necessary for enjoyable and safe cruising.If, however, you’ve been unsure about how to learn these skills, or if you have received conflicting advice from fellow cruisers and self-styled experts, this is your chance to learn how to perform these and other critical tasks, correctly and in compliance with equipment manufacturer and ABYC guidelines.Additionally, knowing how to perform these tasks correctly will provide you with an edge when tasking others or reviewing their work. Assisted by Keith Ruse, ABYC master technician and proprietor of Deltaville Boatyard, Steve will engage with attendees, teaching them these and other valuable technical skills including learning to use a multimeter and basic wire termination skills, heat exchanger inspection and service, and review and use of essential tools. This will be an intensive, hands-on interactive seminar, and all marine service and repair questions are fair game.
8:30am – 5:30pm
Topic: Building Cruising Confidence (Limit: 16 students) (Back by popular demand!)
Presented by: Capts. Chris & Alyse Caldwell
Capts. Chris and Alyse Caldwell, a husband-and-wife team of cruising coaches, lead a cruisers’ orientation, offering tricks and tips on vessel preparation, safety and trip planning with an emphasis on teamwork. Each crew member will be given the opportunity to walk in the deck shoes of both the “captain” and “first mate.” Training includes lively discussions, hands-on prep work and a below-deck systems preview over two days, first in the classroom and then on a featured vessel docked in the Trawler Fest marina.Additionally you will practice effective communication skills with crew as well as use the VHF radio.Your coaches will make navigation easy to understand and you will apply it using paper charts, GPS and radar. They’ll take the mystery out of overnight anchoring, sharing fundamental anchor theory as you lower and raise an anchor from the pulpit using a windlass. You will learn proper line handling, close-quarters maneuvers and docking procedures as all types of Trawler Fest boats arrive for the show. Capts. Chris and Alyse will also show you how the training vessel’s generator helps transition from shore power to ship power. They will share what works in the real world…and sometimes what doesn’t.

Please note: While we will bring all systems to life in the featured Trawler Fest University vessel, we will not leave the dock during this two-day session.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
8:30am – 5:30pm
Topic: Planning a Comfortable and Scenic Route to the Virgin Islands
Presented by: Capt. Mark Mitchell and Peter Swanson, PassageMaker’s Editor-in-Chief
For the first-timer, embarking on a sojourn that includes bodies of water, foreign countries and island chains can be somewhat daunting or intimidating. Capt. Mitchell will share his secrets to keeping the “pleasure” in pleasure boating. This day-long “how-to” course covers timing, weather windows, outfitting, crew, electronics, mechanical issues, predicted logging, customs/immigration, fuel, provisioning, spares, safety, ports of call, dockage vs. anchoring and much more.
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
8:30am – 5:30pm
Topic: The Great Loop Experience – From Concept to Completion
Presented by: Capts. George and Pat Hospodar, authors of “Reflection on America’s Great Loop”
This comprehensive, in-depth course will assist boaters in the planning, preparation and successful execution of the trip that many have called “the journey of a lifetime.” The following topics and many more will be covered: choosing and outfitting your boat for the journey, detailed route planning, suggested guidebooks and charts to have on board, and the important financial, medical, insurance, home, time-frame and lifestyle factors that should be considered before starting out.Under way topics will include types of locks, passing safely through locks, dealing with Canadian and U.S. customs, negotiating open-water passages, safely navigating the various waterways and rivers, favorite anchorages, maintaining your own personal security and that of your vessel, important websites, publications and phone numbers, and the wonderful points of interest you will encounter along the way. Special guest speaker Ken MacDonald of Bay Port Marina in Midland, Ontario, will also discuss the Trent Canal System and cruising opportunities in Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

Presented by experts in the marine industry and seasoned cruisers with loads of experiences to share, learn the techniques to be a self-sufficient, well-informed boater, and familiarize yourself with new cruising grounds. All Trawler Fest seminars are educational, inspiring and engaging.

Trawler Fest Complete Show & Seminar Schedule*
*subject to change without prior notice
Thursday, February 27 thru Saturday, March 1, 2014
10:00am – 5:00pm … Boat Show and Shore Side Expo
8:30am – 10:30am first Seminar track
10:30am – 12:00pm second Seminar track
12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch provided by specialty food vendors
1:30pm – 5:00pm afternoon Demonstrations
5:30pm – 7:00pm Cocktail Parties
8:30am – 10:30am
Topic: Diesel Engine Q&A
Presented by: Bob Smith
Have a diesel engine caged in that engine room? Ever wonder how to care for it, what to feed it, or whether it is healthy? Want to know what to do when it is sick or what to ask your mechanic? Bob Smith, the diesel doctor, can help. Bob is the developer of the Lehman Ford diesel engine and founder of American Diesel. He will share his years of hands-on experience and expertise. So, bring your questions to this fun, relaxed, conversational and practical session.
Topic: An Introduction to the Great Loop Experience
Presented by: Capts. George and Pat Hospodar
This seminar is designed as an introduction for boaters who might be contemplating making the Great Loop journey. The following topics and many others will be covered: the basic route and its variations, height and depth restrictions, selecting the right boat, an overview of important financial considerations, as well as the many other personal, medical, home, family and household details that need to be arranged before starting out on this journey. The seminar will also address the day-to-day adventures that boaters will encounter while doing the “Loop,” such as passing safely through locks.
Topic: Mastering the Rules of the Road
Presented by: United States Power Squadrons
This seminar provides an explanation, with examples, of the 37 Rules of the Road for both the U.S. Inland Rules and the International Rules (COLREGS). It simplifies the sometimes-complex law relating to boat operation for the recreational boater. It is also a starting point for study preparation for the USCG license examination. This seminar includes McGraw-Hill’s “The One Minute Guide to the Nautical Rules of the Road” by Charlie Wing and student notes with slides.
10:30am – 12:00pm
Topic: Boat Buying Basics
Presented by: Curtis Stokes
There are many questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new or used trawler: How do you fit? How much time will you spend on board? Where will you cruise? How much will it cost? In this seminar, industry veteran Curtis Stokes offers suggestions to help you prepare for ownership, covering resources such as classes, websites and reading materials. Plus, get behind-the-scenes tips on how the business side of things works—signing a contract, deposits, surveys, etc.—so that you can enter the boat-buying process with a strong understanding of what to expect and what to look for.
Topic: Vessel Maintenance is more than Oil Changes
Presented by: Craig Parkhurst
Designed for the owner/operator who takes, or would like to take a significant role in managing the maintenance of their yacht, this seminar highlights manufacturer maintenance recommendations that are commonly overlooked and the potential trouble these failures can cause. In addition, we will discuss spare parts recommendations for both coastal and offshore cruisers. The presentation is reliant on attendee participation.
Topic: How We Did It
Presented by: Capts. Chris and Alyse Caldwell
Hear how a cruising couple got started and continued the lifestyle for 20 years. From their first weekend adventures to living the dream aboard a 44-foot trawler, learn valuable lessons from Capts. Chris and Alyse Caldwell as they share their experiences cruising together. (And they still like each other!)
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Topic: Engine Room Tour
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio (Limit: 8 students)
Step aboard an exhibitor boat with Steve and gain valuable insight into troubleshooting techniques, maintenance routines, and more
8:30am – 10:30am
Topic: Cracking the Code
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio
Save more, spend less and avoid misunderstandings—these are among your most important goals when working with the marine industry. Yet, in some ways the marine industry is unlike many others, and as a result, working with it requires special training for the boat buyer and owner. In this session, 25-year industry veteran and PassageMaker Technical Editor Steve D’Antonio will share with attendees the secrets of successfully working with boatbuilders, brokers, boatyards and marine contractors. Covered subjects will include how to ensure best practices and standards are followed; determining when and how to get quotes and when it’s OK to have work done on a time-and-materials basis; how to communicate with those who are building or working on your boat; how to avoid disputes and how to resolve them to your satisfaction when they do occur. This is an interactive session with time built in for questions, so be sure to come prepared.
Topic: Cruising the Florida Keys
Presented by: Capts. Chris & Alyse Caldwell
The Florida Keys are a 125-mile long archipelago comprising about 1,700 islands, many uninhabited and accessible only by boat. These are some of the finest cruising waters on the East Coast where you can find clear water, a tropical climate and an “island” attitude. In this interactive seminar, Captains Chris and Alyse will help you plot your course for these far away islands that are really just next door. It’s an easy place for friends to visit without a passport.
Topic: Basic Weather and Forecasting
Presented by: United States Power Squadrons
The safety and comfort of those who venture out on the water have always been weather dependent. This seminar is a must for boaters who have never taken a weather course. The complex subject of weather is presented in a way that is both understandable and useful. Topics include air masses and fronts, winds, storms, clouds, thunderstorms, fog and forecasting.
10:30am – 12:00pm
Topic: Dialing in your Trawler
Presented by: Jeff Merrill, CPYB
Over the years and through his experiences on hundreds of trawlers, Jeff Merrill has amassed a collection of “good ideas” and “best practices” that trawler owners are using to better monitor their vessels. These simple and effective techniques apply to most power cruising boats. Tricks of the trade and helpful reminders will help take some of the guesswork out of monitoring various systems and equipment on board your trawler. Little details like reference marks for needles on analog gauges, a dry-erase board in your engine room, anchor chain marking and many other common-sense tips make this an engaging and informative seminar that you won’t want to miss. Jeff will share photos of these ideas and also discuss an assortment of products that you should consider using on your trawler that will not only make your life more enjoyable, but may also favorably effect your eventual resale value.
Topic: Circumnavigation – What We’ve Learned
Presented by: Bruce and Joan Kessler, Capt. Andrea Gaines
Circumnavigators Bruce and Joan Kessler and Captain Andrea Gaines will share their tips for common sense offshore and coastal cruising in general.. Bruce will talk about the preparation it takes and what you should know either to cross an ocean or to enjoy coastal cruising.
Topic: Pets Aboard (New!)
Presented by: Capts. Chris & Alyse Caldwell
Cruising is a family affair. Don’t leave your furry family pet at home. Bring ‘em along and keep everyone happy. Concerned about the logistics of taking your dog for a walk when you are at anchor or how to keep your kitty purrrrring when then engines start to roar? Our own furry mate Bert will share tricks and tips to keep your four-footed crew safe and sound. We started boating with two labs way back in 1990 and will offer some successful how-to strategies for full time cruisers who don’t want to leave home without their family pet.
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Topic: Engine Room Tour
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio (Limit: 8 students)
Step aboard an exhibitor boat with Steve and gain valuable insight into troubleshooting techniques, maintenance routines, and more
8:30am – 10:30am
Topic: How to Buy a Used Boat, as Told by the Boatyard
Presented by: Steve Zimmerman
In this workshop, you’ll hear about lessons learned after the sale. Instead of thinking, “I wish I had known that before I bought the boat,” you’ll be given the tools you need to go through the process with eyes wide open and equipped to ask the right questions. Topics such as sales taxes, insurance and documentation will NOT be covered. This workshop will delve into the bilges of the search, survey and decision-making process. Participants will receive a questionnaire that they will use to guide themselves through the boat selection process.
Topic: Secrets of a Professional Delivery Captain
Presented by: Capt. Dick Dickinson
Whether you are just starting out, want to enhance your piloting and navigational skills or want to become a licensed captain, this seminar is for you. Boat training topics addressed include cruise planning and weather analysis, radio communications skills, docking techniques, anchoring, close-quarters maneuvers, onboard systems operations, contingency planning, and equipment maintenance and storage. New Trawler Fest presenter, Licensed Boat Capt. Doug Dickinson, has many years of professional boating experience, both power and sail. He holds a USCG 100-ton master’s license and is a former Sea School instructor.
Topic: Improving Reliability thru Enhanced Attention to Detail
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio
It’s a term that’s used in the industry frequently; however, how many folks actually practice paying attention to the details? In this photo-intensive, interactive seminar systems consultant and technical journalist Steve D’Antonio will afford attendees a behind-the-scenes view of what the marine industry all-too-frequently misses in boatbuilding and repair. He’ll review a wide range of components and systems, big and small, that are found aboard most cruising vessels and the little things, that if paid attention to, make them safer, seaworthy, reliable and more economical to operate. After attending this presentation you’ll be able to carry out an inspection aboard your own vessel, or one you intend to buy, to make sure it meets Steve’s standards.
10:30am – 12:00pm
Topic: Women Aboard Forum (New!)
Presented by: Capt. Alyse Caldwell
Are you living the dream of a cruiser or are you going along with someone else’s bucket list? This discussion group is led by Capt. Alyse Caldwell, a seasoned cruiser who will help answer questions such as, “How am I going to survive…or maybe even enjoy myself aboard?” Capt. Alyse will share her extensive experience gained from cruising New Orleans to New York, Miami to Maine, Key West to Canada, Charleston to the Chesapeake, Bahamas bound and back—whew! Topics include how to get mail, plans for provisioning and how to find your comfort zone. You will have an opportunity to ask all your “How do I…?” questions and if you send a note to Capt. Alyse before the seminar (, she will personalize your 90-minute, jam-packed interactive session.
Topic: East Coast Inlets: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Presented by: Capt. Mark Mitchell
Anything you know about one inlet may be irrelevant at the next. In this seminar, Capt. Mark Mitchell will examine the characteristics of inlets, the issues for boats using inlets and the tactics that can keep you safer. Tips and local knowledge of the territory and weather, as well as experience and boat-handling skills can give you an edge. A new Trawler Fest presenter, Capt. Mark Mitchell is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain and lives aboard a Grand Banks 50 with his wife, Thelma, and their 18-year-daughter, Cheyenne.
Topic: Corrosion Can Be Costly
Presented by: Yves Deneault, Trinity Marine Electric
So you think you don’t have corrosion on your boat? Many boat owners discover corrosion after the damage has already been done. This seminar will provide information about preventive maintenance and give tips on how to inspect and maintain your bonding system.
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Topic: Engine Room Tour
Presented by: Steve D’Antonio (Limit: 8 students)
Step aboard an exhibitor boat with Steve and gain valuable insight into troubleshooting techniques, maintenance routines, and more

Trawler Fest Land Exhibitors*

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Trawler Fest attendees will receive a discounted rate of $219 per night at the Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront hotel, and a discounted rate of $159 at Best Western Windsor Gardens.  Rooms are limited;  discount rate ends on January 9, 2014, so don’t wait!  For reservations, click here

Please note NO shuttle service is available between Hilton Singer Island and the marina.  For a hotel option closer to the show, click here

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