The Perfect Great Loop Boat

The Perfect Great Loop Boat

From air draft to shore-power cords, here are the core components of the ideal Great Loop boat.



Preview: Vicem 50 Classic

The fiberglass-constructed new Vicem 50 Classic model makes landfall in the U.S.


Sirena 68 Unveiled

The newest addition to the Sirena Yachts fleet will debut in September.

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AGLCA Announces Gold Loopers of 2020

Here are the 2020 Gold Burgee recipients, as recognized by the America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association.

Arksen 85 Morning-Lake-03

First Arksen 85 Explorer Vessel Sold, Second Hull to Commence Build

Owners of Hull No. 1 will embark on a world tour while also conducting research and conservation work.

naval mine washes ashore

Naval Mine Washes Ashore In Florida

A possible naval training explosive was found on a Florida beach on Sunday.


Massive Container Ship Wedged In Suez Canal

Suez Canal blocked after a ship heading north to the Mediterranean ran aground in high winds and a dust storm.

Nordhavn 625 Nordhavn 71

New Models Underway At Nordhavn

Nordhavn Yachts has announced the addition of two new models to its fleet: the N625 and the N71.

TF Newport

Trawlerfest Returns to In-Person Events. First Stop: Newport, RI

Official dates set for Trawlerfest Newport: August 24-28, 2021


Time to Cry Foul Over Erie Canal Changes

Proposed changes could be detrimental to the historic waterway frequented by Loopers for years to come.


Preview: Vicem 50 Classic

The fiberglass-constructed new Vicem 50 Classic model makes landfall in the U.S.


Back Cove 39O


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Editor's Cut: Hampton Endurance 720 Skylounge (Video)

Tour the Endurance 720 by Hampton Yachts with PM's Editor-in-Chief Andrew Parkinson.

Nordhavn 625 Nordhavn 71

New Models Underway At Nordhavn

Nordhavn Yachts has announced the addition of two new models to its fleet: the N625 and the N71.


Bering Yachts Unveils 72 Explorer

Meet the Bering 72: a versatile explorer yacht designed for owner-friendly navigation and family expeditions.

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An Old Fireboat (Re)fit to Live Aboard

Through the stress and strife of endeavoring to bring an old fireboat back to life, an owner finds higher purpose in his labor of love.

49 NP Aeerial_6638_© Jim Raycroft

First Look: North Pacific 49 Euro

Explore the all-new North Pacific 49 Euro with photos, videos, deck plans and more.


Beneteau Antares 11

This smart-looking outboard cruiser is the latest star in the Beneteau constellation.


Sea Trial Report: Helmsman 43E Pilothouse

The semi-displacement, full-keel Helmsman 43E Pilothouse does just what a trawler is supposed to: She goes the distance.


Attention, Savvy Shoppers

In this new column, we'll dig deep into all the elements of making a smart trawler purchase.


A Quick Fix for Foul Fenders

Chances are your fenders are, or at some point in the future will become, a mess. Here's how to handle it.


Spring Commissioning: A Year-Round Challenge

The best time for getting your boat ready to spend weeks at sea is after you've just returned.


How to Replace Windows on Your Boat

Custom windows can take the finish of your boat to the next level. Here's how to get it done.


Trawler Q&A: Sea Trial Savvy, Gray Water Gripes & a Diesel Dilemma

Your technical questions answered by some of the most experienced trawler minds on the water.


How Virtual Reality is Changing Yachting

Those goggles your kids use to play video games are revolutionizing yacht design and construction.


The Compatibility Test

When choosing crew and guests, think about more than who’s fun at the bar.


Raspberry Fool

Really, any berries you have on board will do. And this dish will still be delish.


Vote Now for America's "Best Harbor"

Join millions around the country to vote in an annual contest to find the “Best Harbor” in the United States.

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Great Looper Q&A: Room To Move on a Marlow 65

Completing the Loop in a larger boat brought special challenges, but also more space and comfort in which to handle them.

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Rising Stars of the Small Screen

By filming their liveaboard experiences, these YouTubers are introducing thousands of people to the cruising lifestyle.


The Pardey Line: Life Aboard, One Plank at a Time

Meet Rudy and Jill Sechez, mariners and philosophers who imagined, designed, built and now live aboard a 34-footer like you've never seen.


Trawler Life in the Land of Bergs and Fjords

Climbing a few rungs of latitude on a Nordhavn 46 to where Vikings once roamed proves to be an endeavor to write home about.

City of Paducah Transient Boat Dock - Credit: Paducah Parks & Recreation

Paducah, Kentucky: A Riverside Gem

Paducah and its unique river-town appeal is well worth a stopover.

web-Cleveland-Skyline 2017 (c) Aerial Agents (1)

Cleveland, Ohio: "The North Coast"

This port city located on the southern shore of Lake Erie is fast emerging as a favorite waypoint for inland cruising.


Seeking Solitude in the Apostle Islands

Despite the best-laid plans, nothing on a boat ever goes how it's supposed to go, even when expectations are low.


Northwest Passage: The Land of Ice and Dreams

A couple spends seven years exploring the Northwest Passage and beyond.


Maine's Historic, Haunted Isles of Shoals

When an eerie fog rolls over Gosport Harbor, you can't help but feel "The Weight of Water."


Getaway Tinkering

Like good books, some DIY projects make a weekend aboard the boat even better.


The Cruising Spirit

Ready to get back to cruising? In a roundabout way, the lessons of 2020 prepared us for the uncharted waters of 2021.


There Will Be Blood

For "A Dash of Salt" columnist Chris Caswell, DIY boat projects conjure memories of doctoring by hook, by crook or by duct tape.


DIY and the IKEA Effect

There’s no greater satisfaction in a boat owner’s life than the act of pouring blood and sweat into a project worth doing.

Featured Listings


Market Share: Teddi Bear

An onboard heli merely scratches the surface of this 55-footer’s liveaboard luxuries.


Supersize Passagemaker: The 105' Poole Chaffee - Rouge (Video and Gallery)

MY Rogue was transformed in a 1999-2000 and again in 2009 with refits that included all new Systems and a redesigned bow, flybridge and swim platform. The outdoor spaces are simply amazing with at least half-dozen different areas to relax in. In a 2018 Interior refit - All new carpeting, furniture, bedding and decor were replaced to create a stunning interior.

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For Sale: 28-Foot Forest Service Cruiser

Turn this diamond in the rough into the perfect NW pocket-cruiser.