Life Proof 35 Full Cabin: Review & Sea Trial Report

Life Proof 35 Full Cabin: Review & Sea Trial Report

The military-grade Life Proof 35 Full Cabin can do many things that trawlers do—at more than twice the speed.



Gyro Stabilizers Are On a Roll

The gyroscopic stabilizer market is expanding, with new companies getting in the game.

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A Need for Speed

Editor-in-chief Andrew Parkinson reflects on the remarkable modern age of passage making.

Ginsburg NPY49 Award crop

North Pacific Yachts Wins People's Choice Award at Trawlerfest

Trawlerfest Baltimore show-goers name the North Pacific 49 Euro as the 2021 "People's Choice."


Seattle Yachts Acquires Bullfrog Boats

Bullfrog Boats is a leader in quality yacht tenders and utility vessels.

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Kadey-Krogen Unveils New Models

Shipyard announces the Kadey-Krogen 60 Open, Summit 54 Coupe and Summit 62 Motoryacht.

Minor Offshore 28 Explorer Block Island RI.

Knowing Your Limits

There are no rest stops along the transoceanic highway.


Why "Always Wear Your Life Jacket" Might Be Terrible Advice

Of course you should wear a life jacket, but it’s not as simple as just saying “always.”


A Labor of Love

Meet Pete Langley, the salty sailor who saved Washington's historic Port Townsend Foundry.


The Lives of Harbormasters

National Harbormaster Appreciation Day is coming soon, but most people don’t realize everything that harbormasters do.


Nordhavn 41 Sea Trial Review (w/video)

The N41 is the smallest model Nordhavn now offers, but she makes a big impression.

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Top 10 Components of the "Perfect" Great Loop Boat (Podcast)

From air draft to shore-power cords, here's what you really need in a boat to complete America's Great Loop.


Long Haul: One Man's Adventure in Building Custom

Eight years in the making, a custom steel trawler far exceeds its owner’s needs.


New Boat: Apollonian 52

A new boat from a new brand with Pacific Northwest roots, the Apollonian 52 is set up to be easily managed by an owner-operator.


First Look: Leen 56 Trimaran (Video)

Leen Trimarans has launched the first hybrid exploration trimaran, the Leen 56.


Virtual Debut: Aquila 54 Power Catamaran (Video)

Sweeping lines, a dramatic bow profile and wave-piercing bulb technology highlight the Aquila 54, which has made its official debut.

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North Pacific 49 Euro

North Pacific Yachts builds its 49 Euro for trawler fans with an affection for contemporary styling.


Preview: Vicem 50 Classic

The fiberglass-constructed new Vicem 50 Classic model makes landfall in the U.S.


Sea Trial Report: Back Cove 39O

The Back Cove 39O, the Maine boatbuilder's second outboard-powered model, is also its quietest yet, registering just 73 decibels at cruise.


Life Raft Safety

When was the last time you thought about where to mount, and how to deploy, your life raft?


Understanding DSC and MMSI

What you need to know about the latest in marine VHF radio technology.

Steering Gear

Trawler Q&A: A Steering Gear Snafu, Anchors Behaving Badly & Broker Ethics

Your technical questions answered by some of the most experienced trawler minds on the water.

Albacore 40 profile

Boat Dysmorphic Behavior

Is the Albacore 40 a truly classic design? The way my eyes see her makes it hard for me to tell.

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The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Wiring and Crimping

Proper wiring and crimping can prevent voltage drop and ensure that everything turns on when it should.

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Pro Tips for Stress-Free Docking in a Current

Far too often, marina accidents happen because boaters plan for wind while ignoring current.

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Back to Basics

Today’s technology means we’re losing necessary skills that we no longer use.

web Great Lakes

A Northern Perspective on Cold-Weather Cruising

Shifting weather patterns allow for more (and sometimes challenging) autumn adventures on Lake Superior.

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Coconut Shrimp

This dish, plus some Jimmy Buffett, takes to my own personal Shangri-la every time.


David and Darcy Saiget, 1932 H.C. Hanson

When "fate" made an 86-year-old boat available to the Saiget family, they suddenly found themselves caretakers of a legacy.


How to Update Your Boat's Refrigeration

Think ice is a Stone Age method of keeping food cold? Maybe you need to install some extra refrigeration. But first, read this.

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Halibut Ceviche

Any whitefish will do, but Alaskan halibut gives this dish a special quality.


Slowing Down in the Grenadines

The Grenadines are a paradise of islands with unique character and widely varied offerings for cruisers looking to expand their horizons.


Legends of the Fall: Power Cruising In New England

Many boaters haul out as soon after Labor Day as practical. But for the hearty and adventurous, the autumn cruising gamble can be rewarding.


Troubled Waters: Washington's Deception Pass

Navigating the Pacific Northwest’s Deception Pass is a challenge, even for experienced skippers.


To Newfoundland and Beyond

Call Of The Wild: A Case for Cruising The Earth's High Latitudes

dry tortugas underwater

Tortugas Bound: Exploring Florida's Last Piece of Wilderness

For the best snorkeling in the US, plus a great old fort, look no further than the Dry Tortugas.


Point-to-Point: Touring Southeast Asia on a North Pacific 49

An adventurous cruiser encounters the delights of Southeast Asia on a North Pacific 49 Pilothouse.

web trawlerfest baltimore 2021 IMG_2406

A Need for Speed

Editor-in-chief Andrew Parkinson reflects on the remarkable modern age of passage making.

Minor Offshore 28 Explorer Block Island RI.

Knowing Your Limits

There are no rest stops along the transoceanic highway.

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How Four Digits Brought Me Back to My Cruising Roots

797.1 is a wonderful place full of fantastic boats and mariners—and enough inspiration to last a lifetime.


Refit Reality

There comes a time in every older trawler’s life when her owner is consumed by the desire to spit on his palms, hoist the black flag and consider a major refit.