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Slow Voyaging: Taking Holidays Before The Holidays

Funny thing about sunsets, a naturally groovy phenomenon you tend to see a lot of while traveling onboard a boat like my relatively slow, leave-at-dawn-arrive-sometime-after-the-moon-comes-up trawler Betty Jane. On the one hand, there's a certain similarity amongst most of them I suppose, but on the other, most all have their unique characteristics, their foibles.

The one shown below, for example, seemed particularly picturesque when I took the photo, maybe because I personally witnessed it from Betty's cockpit while the ol' girl bumped gently against the long, quiet, transient dock at Jekyll Harbor Marina, a cool little spot on the marshy fringes of Jekyll Island, Georgia. Or maybe there was something else about it. I really don't know for sure.


Anyway. I'm glad I snapped the picture. It captures a minor event, perhaps, like many onboard events. But well worth remembering, too. And yeah, in case you were wondering, that's my colleague and friend for a whole pile of years now, Capt. Richard Thiel looking off to the west.

He's a boaty sorta guy, about as boaty as myself in fact. And when I shot the photo we were in the midst of doing a cruise story of sorts, something you're likely to read about in the pages of an AIM Marine publication somewhere down the line.

And hey, if somebody tells you that chugging around the Golden Isles of Georgia in an old trawler in late November is kinda crazy 'cause you're gonna freeze your transom off, tell 'em they're certainly right about the transom thing--the Golden Isles can get pretty frosty as the winter solstice approaches, particularly if you tend to linger on the flying bridge while navigating, the better to see where the heck you're going.

But crazy?

Nah, not if you care about looking at sunsets off the back of a boat. And just gettin' away from what passes for civilization these days, at least for a short stretch of time. Not crazy at all.

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