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Best of Coastal Cruising: Hidden Gems

49 NP Aerial_6738_© Jim Raycroft

You may have already discovered the many pleasures of staying closer to shore. Maybe you’ve figured out that there is a lifetime of long-range adventures to be had within sight of land. Coastal cruising yields enduring memories along with all the challenges a mariner could ever need. In many respects, it can present a set of variables that can place even greater demands on a yachtsman than venturing offshore. Managing tides and currents, monitoring depth, working around bad weather and boat traffic, and the need to find safe mooring each night can create plenty of challenges. Overcoming them and arriving safely at a destination is extremely satisfying.

Coastal (and inland) cruising grounds run the gamut from transiting the Intracoastal Waterway to port-to-port passages along the California coast and literally everywhere with water in between. In this section, we focus on the best of coastal cruising, from the best-kept secrets and emerging hot spots to stories about the experiences of our cruising writers and lessons learned along the way.