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The newest in Aspen's series of PROA powercats, the new 35-foot C108 will be available for sale in 2020. A walk-through mock-up will be at the Seattle Boat Show at the end of January with finished production models to follow shortly thereafter.

Inspired by the unequally sized hulls of early Polynesian sailing catamarans, Aspen's outboard boats adhere to the concept by employing asymetrical twin outboards for propulsion. Aspen President Larry Graf explained the concept:

“Our outboard powered Aspen Power Catamarans are far more efficient with the dissimilar engines that power them. It makes sense because each motor is sized proportionally to the hull it is attached to. The smaller motor drives the smaller PROA hull that has far less wetted surface than the larger hull with its larger engine. 

In addition to this the skegs and drive surfaces of the motors eliminate the need for separate keels and rudders further reducing drag. This means that with both outboards down the outboard steering surfaces combined with engine thrust come into balance, tracking is straight as an arrow, and helm force is equal port and starboard.

An added benefit of having the small motor in addition to the larger engine is that it makes an excellent trolling, or cruising motor for use at slow speeds. Twin dissimilar outboard motors match propulsion to take advantage of the slippery hull surfaces we have created and eliminate steering corrections that increase drag. It is all about efficiency and performance.

Our extensive testing and the many outboard powered hulls we have already delivered have proven that this formula really works. I even recently drove one of our outboard powered boats to the Arctic Ocean and back a journey of over 1,100 miles in an area where fuel stops are few and far between.

The efficiency of our unique Aspen PROA design with dissimilar outboard power allowed us to make a journey few other boats could accomplish.”



The C108 salon is extended 24 inches from previous interior layouts on other cruiser models, and the overall beam is increased 8 inches to a total of 10 feet 8 inches. This adds interior volume and comfort, but the 35 is still trailerable. The increased space provides larger accommodations, more stability and greater speed in this size range. 

"Aspen’s patented stable and soft riding Proa hull design, Kevlar reinforced fiberglass construction with watertight bulkheads, and double bottomed hulls mean these cats are tough enough to go anywhere," the company wrote in its announcement.


Larry Graf, the founder and President of Aspen Power Catamarans, has been building boats and conquering adventure trips since the mid 90’s.

Larry Graf

Larry Graf

His boating adventures include the recent Aspen Arctic Adventure where he towed a 34' L107 outboard powered Aspen cat, 1,200 miles from Washington State to the Northwest Territories of Canada. Graf then launched the boat and voyaged down the Mackenzie River more than 1,100 miles through uncharted waters before reaching the Arctic Ocean. 

He completed the Bermuda Challenge (728 miles), traversed the Bering straits in a trailerable cat, Siberia (256 miles), crossed to Midway Island in the Pacific with a trailerable boat (1,364 miles), and conducted a 2,700 mile Alaska exploration. He circumnavigated Vancouver Island un-refueled (650 miles) in an Aspen C100, and participated and orchestrated the 10,000 Mile Tour with a 40' Aspen C120 cruising from Alaska to Annapolis (10,500 miles).