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Whether it is fixing things, upgrading things, modifying things, or the ever constant need to maintain things–the project list on a boat is perpetually long, and seemingly endless, particularly as new boat owners. This cruisng couple has a nearly overwhelming list of things that they would like to tackle to make Y-Not their ideal home on water. This video is a tour of some of the projects they've already completed, and a run-down of some of the bigger projects on their radar (including, ironically, radar). 

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard have been full time "technomads" since 2006. In the winter they explore land in a 1961 GM 4106 bus conversion. In the spring/summer they move aboard their 1999 Bayliner 4788 and slowly explore America's waterways along the Great Loop. We share for fun in our spare time. We have full time jobs that fund our adventures, running, where they track mobile internet options for RVers and cruisers.

They share their refit ideas at