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Issue Preview: Meet The Gem Of Catalina (VIDEO)

Get to know our October cover boat in her home-waters of Catalina. Originally owned by cartoon legend Bill Hanna, Galatea is entering her golden years as a cruising yacht.
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Over the summer, contributor Stephenie Hollyman traveled to Catalina Island, California, to meet Brad Avery, his Partner Julie Clevenger, and their beloved trawler, Galatea.

Birthed from the mind of legendary marine architect Art DeFever, Galatea is one of the first in a long line of workboat-inspired trawlers that have achieved near mythical status in the power-cruising realm.

First owned by Bill Hanna, half of the Hanna-Barbera team that gave us Yogi Bear, George Jetson, and Scooby-Doo; Avery has breathed new life and purpose into Galatea, a boat he now uses as a home base for his conservation efforts on Catalina.

Pick up our October issue on newsstands September 22 to learn Galatea's animated history and bright future in Avery's hands. As far as we're concerned, nothing is cooler than a cruiser that features Fred Flintstones hammer fashioned from a piece of her keel.

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