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There is an Oregon marina with some derelict and abandoned boats for sale. "Any offer to the marina office with a removal plan will be considered," says the notice posted by the Warrenton Marina, which is located near the mouth of the Columbia River.

The Daily Astorian quoted Harbormaster Jane Sweet on the effort to purge the docks of boats that have become the responsibility of marina staff, taking up space and swallowing resources. Here's what the newspaper said.

Marina staff went through a formal seizure process for the boats in September and October. Now, the time is up for owners to step forward and claim their property. The city is going to recoup what it can by selling the vessels...  

The seized vessels range in price from $1,000 for the American to more than $7,000 for the 72-foot-long fishing vessel Master Chris. That last vessel is the one Sweet would really like to see go away, but she knows the smaller boats have a better chance at adoption. The person who built the Dixie Lee, a wooden fishing boat, for instance, has expressed some interest in getting it back for the family.

All vessels must be removed from marina property within 24 hours of sale, no exceptions. To view vessel you must contact the marina office at 503-861-3822, all vessels are locked and no trespassing is allowed without marina staff present.