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The movie Gemini Man is touting Will Smith as the actor playing dual leads, but there’s a less prominent star in the film—a Hinckley Runabout 34.

“It’s exciting and fun, we’ve been working on the project for over a year now, because obviously they shoot it, and takes a while in post-production for the movie process to come together,” Pete Saladino, Hinckley chief marketing officer, told Trade Only Today.

“It just sort of came together,” said Saladino. “Jerry Bruckheimer Films reached out to us—they’ve done films like Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Pearl Harbor — they reached out to us and said they loved our runabouts, and were looking for a runabout for this movie, because there’s a chase scene; I think it was young Will Smith chasing an older Will Smith.”

However, Hinckley almost never builds production boats, so we wondered who’s boat Will Smith is using in the movie. Turns out, it was one of Hinckley’s few unsold boats. The boat chase scene was shot in Savannah, and as luck would have it, the company happened to have a runabout in Florida that they moved to their Savannah Yacht Care Center.

And, Smith does actually drive the runabout, said Saladino.

“Our Savannah Yacht Care Center general manager Dustin Hartley gave Will Smith a lesson or two, like we would do with any of our owners,” said Saladino. “Justin Bieber had a Hinckley at his rehearsal dinner in the Carolinas last month, and it was Hartley managing the prep of that boat. My joke was, he’s now in charge of all our celebrities.”

Hartley spent three or four days on the Runabout 34 teaching Will Smith how to do things like execute high-speed turns and use the JetStick 3 for maneuvering through tight marinas.

“I believe there was a stunt double for a few high-speed chase scenes, but in general Will was in command and driving the boat over the three or four days in Savannah,” said Saladino. “Dustin, over the course of those three or four days, gave Will the same hands-on primer an owner would receive to ensure he was 100 percent comfortable using the boat. With our proprietary JetStick 3, paired with water jets, our yachts are incredibly easy to operate and are designed to be owner-driven.”

Hinckley naturally posted the runabout’s film debut today on its social media pages and on its website.

“We’re thrilled to see the Hinckley Runabout 34 and Will Smith in the upcoming movie Gemini Man, in theaters on Friday, October 11, 2019,” wrote Hinckley.