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Defender Product Spotlight: Superior Wave Breaker Life Raft

Hardcore offshore safety is finally available to you and your family.
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Designed for a hardcore offshore application, Superior Life-Saving’s Wave Breaker life rafts are heavy duty, easy to board, insulated and feature many benefits, including an industry-leading 4-square-feet of space per person aboard. The Wave Breaker line of life rafts is available in sizes from four to twelve persons.


Packed with safety features, the Wave Breaker line of rafts boasts the brightest canopy on the market and SOLAS-grade reflective tape. Wave Breakers never inflate upside down due to vacuum flow technology, a feature that earns the Wave Breaker line International Organization for Standardizing (IOS) approval. The insulated floor helps prevent hypothermia, while an inflatable boarding ramp, interior ladder, and ballast system automatically deploy once the raft is activated. Defender Product Manager Alex Lyons recently described some of the Superior Wave Breaker’s benefits:


“This higher-grade raft provides extra features for offshore use where rescue times may be longer and conditions may be rougher. It is self-righting, has an insulated floor, and provides more square feet per passenger than competing rafts,” said Lyons. “ISO approval is an important safety classification and often a requirement for participation in offshore races.”

Safety features on the Wave Breaker include a rainwater collector, 360-degree clear viewing windows from inside the canopy, automatic lights inside and out, sea anchors, and safety packs. This raft is also an exceptional choice to protect your family, friends, and crew when you aren’t racing. When it comes to safety, the very best is always the safest bet.


The Wave Breaker stores in a valise and comes with a 12-year warranty. Service intervals every three years keep your raft out of the shop and on your boat where it belongs. Any one of the Wave Breaker rafts could be the perfect fit for your boat, regardless of how you use it.

Contact Alex or any Defender product pro today for more information!