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The videos below show a future for Bimini Bay as envisioned by Cape Coral planners.

Here is a brief description of the basin from the blog of David and Bobbi Forsman, living aboard their Pilgrim 40 Liberty:

Exiting the Caloosahatchee River south of Fort Myers we wound our way up the canals to the anchorage in Bimini Basin at Cape Coral.  Being Florida, there is about a half dozen “permanent” boats anchored here. Only one of them appears really bad but the rest don’t bother with anchor lights. There is still room for transient boaters but if this was the east coast of Florida the place would be packed with derelicts. After anchoring at 1240 hours we went ashore and hiked up to Publix, about a fifteen minute walk from the dinghy dock to pick up a few “essentials” before going back aboard for the rest of the afternoon.

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