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The crew of the cruise ship Celebrity Summit rescued six sailors from a drifting yacht in the Caribbean Sea between Antigua and Curacao. The survivors had been adrift for a month, including six days without food, according to a report in the Maritime Executive.

The Summit's bridge received a mayday call from the yacht at about 1100 hours on Dec. 16 and diverted to intercept it, arriving on scene at 1230. The crew launched a tender and safely transferred all survivors over to the Summit. They were provided with food, medical care and access to satellite phones to contact their families. The Summit transferred them to shore in Curacao. 

According to Maritime Executive, a passenger aboard the Summit said the survivors had been en route from Haiti to Guadeloupe when they lost steerage. They had not been able to gain a rescue from other vessels, despite mayday calls. 

The Summit is commanded by Captain Kate McCue, who happens to be the first American woman to sail as the master of a cruise ship with a 2,500-passenger capacity.