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Cruising With The Chilbergs: Baci Versus The Sea Monsters (BLOG)

Sometimes Mother Nature sends us a real show. This one particular afternoon Baci, or 12 lb. Schnoodle, found herself locked in mortal combat with a pod of dolphins.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt, December 7, 1941

Sometimes nature just plain surprises us with a show that creates awe. For example, I have been awed by a huge thunderstorm in Haverstraw Bay, New York; pulling my trawler under three Bald Eagles and watching them fly away on the Tom Bigbee Waterway, pods of whales off Bimini, even Grey Whales having sex off Baja California in Mexico. But the other day Mother Nature really gave us a gift.

As we cruised from Matecumbe Key to Plantation Key we were greeted and entertained by a group of five dolphins that put on the greatest show I have ever witnessed. Let me share this event from Baci, my 12 lb. Schnoodle’s perspective:


“After laying out in the sun on the flybridge chewing my favorite steakbone, I decided to take my afternoon nap. All of a sudden, there was a huge splash next to the starboard rail, then another one and the sound of air being blown out of some geyser. I leapt to the gunwale, to see us being attacked by a band of sea monsters. They were grey and white with a large dorsal fin, big eyes that peered at me, a large flat tail and a devious smile. They jumped over one another as I barked and growled to scare them.

Two flew completely out of the air and splashed me, but I was not deterred in saving Mud Puddle Rose and the crew. They made continuous attempts to board us with high leaps, rolls, and flips.

The "attacking" dolphins, note Baci near the stern railing.

The "attacking" dolphins, note Baci near the stern railing.

Fortunately my barking and growling obviously was what deterred these marauding pirates from seizing our ship. Eventually after repeated splashes and intimidating smiles at me, I managed to scare them off and they have not been seen since. I was rewarded for my heroics with a bacon treat and a pat on the head, for I succeeded where other American heroes such as Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone failed at the Alamo. Never doubt the growl of a 12 lb. Schnoodle!”

At ease, soldier.

At ease, soldier.

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