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Cruising With The Chilbergs: Great Gatsby Vs. Captain Ron (BLOG)


“He who knows enough is enough is a wealthy man.”

— Lao Tzu

As Lee and I dropped off Dennis and Susie Edwards in Nassau last week [this is our first time with internet since!], I came to a realization: In truth, there are two Bahamas.

One is Nassau and Paradise Island; Las Vegas with a British accent. The other is the simplicity of the “Out Island” with peaceful anchorages and charming settlements.

I describe the former in my mind as “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio and the later by the Disney film, "Captain Ron," with Martin Short and Kurt Russell. Here at the marina in Nassau, we are surrounded by megayachts for charter. I spoke to one of the gals working on one and she said that they were all owned by the same entity.

Go ahead, take your pick. Don't forget the wallet!

Go ahead, take your pick. Don't forget the wallet!

Each was a multi-million dollar beauty available for probably about $20,000+ a week. Across the harbor is Paradise Island, where the rich and famous gamble in the opulence of Louis XIV. A clear waterslide tube carries guests right down underwater and through a huge aquarium. The concierge can get guests any meal imaginable brought up to the room & the party runs 24/7.

Merely a day’s cruise away are the Abacos, Eleuthera, and the Exumas. There, I can swim in my own natural aquarium with countless sea creatures, fish for mahi, steam lobster and create my own 5-star meal (with Lee’s help, of course).

Those on Paradise Island are living their own designed circumstances and we on Mud Puddle Rose are experiencing an entirely different paradigm of circumstance. True, I don’t have someone cleaning the boat as we did all day.

True, I spent a good portion of the rest of the day servicing my Cummins engines for the rest of the cruise (saving myself at least a $1,000). I got great satisfaction climbing the mast yesterday to fix the anchor light and crawling under the flybridge last week to re-attach the ground wire for the running lights with Dennis Edwards.

Yes, I am much more like Captain Ron than Gatsby, but I love it.

Oh, did I also mention that none of the charter boats went out this week and as we leave Nassau this morning we are headed back to the Exumas for more tranquil anchorages and awe inspiring snorkeling?

Mahi and mahi and mahi, oh my!

Mahi and mahi and mahi, oh my!

Also we still have about 40 mahi fillets in the freezer that we caught ourselves … this is what I call “Perfect Circumstances.”

Captain Ron, you can cast off the bow line now, we are headed back to our ‘paradise island!’

Don’t forget to get your T-Shirt!

Dennis modeling his new Bahamian wardrobe.

Dennis modeling his new Bahamian wardrobe.