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Cruising With The Chilbergs: Lobster, Snorkeling, Mahi and Anchoring (BLOG)

So the battle continues as our dog Baci turns her attention from the dolphin (mammals) to the lobsters, and back to the dolphin (fish). But hey, at least the freezer is full!

“If the only prayer that you say in your whole life is 'Thank you.'

That would suffice.”

— Meister Eckhart

Well after Baci did battle with the dolphin [mammals] … she turned her attention to lobster and then dolphin [the fish] AKA Mahi or El Dorado.

Baci and her "catch."

Baci and her "catch."

As we waited to leave Cat Cay we picked up 24 lobsters for $100. That nearly filled our freezer and allowed the three of us to steam 5 and have lobster dinner for a total cost of about $20. Can’t beat that!

Oh, yes you can … more on that later.

As we pulled into the anchorage off Chub Cay, we had significant swells swinging around the point which caused quite a rocking for Mud Puddle Rose. Well, to alleviate the rocking almost entirely, I took our second anchor and went perpendicular to the boat off the port stern and dropped it down in the sand below. I then took the dinghy and pushed the starboard stern with the dinghy as Dennis pulled in on the stern anchor line. Once Lee, who was up on the flybridge saw that the bow was headed into the swells, Dennis tied off the line and we had a peaceful two days at anchor.

The snorkeling was terrific off the rocks and then over at Mama Rhoda Reef about a half mile away. The other boats were all abeam of the swells and rocked all night … that can spill your wine!

Coral off of Chub Cay.

Coral off of Chub Cay.

Upon leaving Chub Cay, the “Tongue of the Ocean” that divides Andros Island from New Providence Island, was calm like a pond. It was a beautiful cruise to West Bay on New Providence Island.

Along the way, we caught a large, 21 lb. Mahi about 12 miles off our approach to Nassau as we followed a grass line. Now the freezer is really full as we added 20 Mahi fillets. YES it can get better than just lobster!

Welcome to the Bahamas! As Meister Eckhart so eloquently said above, ‘Thank you!”

Dennis proudly holding his victim. Now the freezer is REALLY full.

Dennis proudly holding his victim. Now the freezer is REALLY full.